Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Jefferson Academy High School Requirements

For the graduation class of 2022 and beyond, students must complete a rigorous course of study and demonstrate proficiency in both Language Arts and Mathematics in order to receive their diploma and be eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony.


4.0 credits

Core classes that address all English Language Arts standards are required.
Additional English classes may be required by the school if a student is not proficient in reading and/or writing.


4.0 credits

A minimum of 4 units is required for senior high school.  Courses must include Algebra 1, geometry, and two additional courses at or above the geometry level.
Students must earn a grade of “C” or better to advance to the next level.


3.0 credits

Three credits of laboratory classes in science that meet both process and content standards.
Required classes include Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and one additional credit at or above Chemistry or Physics.

Social Studies

4.5 credits

Social Studies must include 1 credit of US History, 2 credits of World History and a .5 credit each of Economics, Geography and Government.


1.5 credits

One and a half credits in creative arts-based coursework which may include visual and performing arts, technical arts, multimedia production, and journalism/yearbook courses.


1.5 credits

One and a half credits in technology-based coursework which may include computer education, multimedia production, design-based and journalism/yearbook courses.

World Language

2.0 credits

While we recognize that many students come to JA with a background in a specific learned language, in order to earn HS world language graduation credit, students must successfully complete two credits of JA course options within the same language. Should a student exhaust all levels of a language offered at JA, upon pre-approval from the Principal, additional coursework outside of JA can be explored.

Physical Education

2.0 credits

Two credits in physical education and/or wellness coursework in a course aligned with physical education standards.
One half credit of Teen Choices is required as part of the physical education coursework.
Completion of each competitive athletic season will count as a half credit physical education course.


4.5 credits

Electives’ requirement will include the completion of a half credit of Freshman Seminar and a half credit of Senior Seminar.

Total credits

27.0 credits


No exceptions or modifications will be made to the graduation requirements.  Only accommodations will be made as mandated in a student’s IEP, 504, or Intervention plan.
For the classes of 2021 and beyond, demonstration of Career and College readiness in English and Mathematics through one or more options must be completed to receive a high school diploma from Jefferson Academy.




Classic Accuplacer assessment*

62 Reading Comprehension or 71 Sentence Skills

61 Elementary Algebra

Next Generation Accuplacer*

241 Reading OR 236 Writing

255 Arithmetic (AR) OR 230 Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS)

American College Testing (ACT)*



ACT WorkKeys*

Bronze or higher

Bronze or higher



Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)*



Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)





C or better

C or better

Completion of a Capstone Project

Passing Grade

Passing Grade

    *Measures may not be available through the school and are completed at the expense of the student or family.

Completion of Requirements

Upon completion of graduation requirements, students are entitled to a diploma to be issued at the time of the next graduation date and no further attendance is required.  

If students fulfill graduation requirements prior to having spent four academic years in grades 9 to 12, they may choose to remain in school until the end of their fourth year in grades 9 to 12.  If they choose to remain, they must meet all the school’s requirements including class load, attendance, and adherence to the Parent-Student Handbook.

A student may earn credit towards the 27 credits required for a Jefferson Academy high school diploma from courses that are successfully completed prior to the official start of their 9th grade year, as follows:

  1. The course meets the following criteria:

    1. Mathematics:  Algebra 1, Geometry, or higher

    2. World Language:  1.0 credit taught at World Language 1 or higher

    3. Must be taken in the regular school year (not summer school)

    4. Must have completed the junior high curriculum as prerequisite coursework

  2. Awarding Credit & GPA

    1. The course title, credit, and letter grade will be recorded on the high school transcript.

    2. Courses taken prior to the 9th grade year will not be calculated in the high school GPA

    3. Consent must be provided by the parent/guardian indicating an understanding that the course will appear on the high school transcript but not calculated in the high school GPA.

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