High School Profile

J.A. Secondary is a Choice Enrollment school with student priority placement listed below (per J.A. Board Policy 8.1).

Students are accepted on a space available basis and must meet the minimum expectations of a successful student.

Successful Students at Jefferson Academy

  • Demonstrate a high level of character
  • Perform academically at grade level and/or higher
  • Are highly motivated to achieve
  • Take pride in meeting deadlines
  • Enjoy a school where they can stand out
  • Communicate their needs to their teachers
  • Plan on graduating from college
  • Study for their tests
  • Complete their homework every day
  • Are involved in activities/athletics
  • Love being challenged

ALL families who wish to enroll their child(ren) in Jefferson Academy Secondary MUST either re-sign their child at JA (current 6th and 8th grade students & grandfathered wait lists) or fill out a Choice Enrollment Application for each child during the First Round Choice Enrollment window set by the Jefferson County District.

A parent of a current 6th grade or 8th grade student MUST stop by the office any day during the first round window and re-sign your child(ren). If you do not re-sign your student during this time period, your student will be dropped from the wait list and will have to participate in choice enrollment should they wish to return as a student for the next school year. Jefferson Academy is not responsible to remind parents of the re-sign time or its requirements.


For attendance during the school year beginning August 2019

Jeffco Public Schools has a new enrollment system!

Dec. 17: SchoolFinder opens
Jan. 22 - Feb. 8: All students use the system

Who should use EnrollJeffco?

All students will use EnrollJeffco in January to indicate where they will be attending school in August. Whether students are re-enrolling at the same school, changing schools, or just starting in Jeffco — everyone will use EnrollJeffco. 

When do I use EnrollJeffco?

Dec. 17: Jeffco SchoolFinder tool opens.  If you are interested in learning about different schools, browse through all 155 options in one place.

Jan. 22 - Feb. 8: Use EnrollJeffco to enroll in your neighborhood school (K-12), indicate you are returning to the same school, or apply to a different school of your choice (preschool and choice). There are three easy steps to using the new system:

1. Make sure your Jeffco Connect contact information is up to date for current students.  Contact your school if you do not remember your user name. New or prospective students will need to create a new account.

2. Find all the information you need to enroll right here on this page! There will be a button to browse schools starting Dec. 17, and a button to use the system on Jan. 22. All submissions are due midnight on Friday, Feb. 8, 2019.

3. If you submitted a preschool or choice application you will hear from all the schools you applied to in Mid/Late February. EnrollJeffco users that applied for schools (choice enrollment or preschool) will receive a notification indicating (1) an opportunity to accept an offer, or (2) information about wait list placement, for each school application. You have five days to accept an offer; only one offer may be accepted.

August: Students register for their selected school using JeffcoConnect. Updated contact information, fees, emergency contacts, and "opt-outs" are captured in August. 

After mid-February, this system will be used year round for new students. Current students wishing to change schools during the school year must use the administrative transfer process. 

Why is the system changing?

EnrollJeffco is the digital replacement for choice enrollment.  It has been expanded to capture all students to make school information easier for families to access, streamline processes, ensure the same timeline for all schools, and give schools more time to plan for the next school year.

J.A. student priority placement is:

1. Current J.A. students (current 6th and 8th grade parents, if you do not re-sign your child they will be removed from the list) and staff children.

2. Siblings (lottery if necessary)

Sibling priority will be given to a prospective student if they have a currently enrolled sibling at Jefferson Academy that intends to return the following school year. Any student who receives an enrollment spot because of sibling priority will have their spot rescinded should the currently enrolled “sibling” withdraw or transfer prior to the start of the following school year.

3. Grandfathered wait list (if any) and qualifying siblings of students admitted during this process. If you do not re-sign your child they will be removed from the list.

4. Choice enrollment, first round in-county (lottery) and qualifying siblings of students admitted during this process.

5. Choice enrollment, first round out-of-county (lottery) and qualifying siblings of students admitted during this process.

6. Choice enrollment, second round in-county (first come, first served) and qualifying siblings of students added to the wait lists during this process.

7. Choice enrollment, second round out-of-county (first come, first served) and qualifying siblings of students added to the wait lists during this process.

Students who are enrolled after June 1st are not guaranteed a seat in honors English, Social Studies, Science or Math. Should a student wish to be considered, teacher recommendation forms and/or testing must be completed.

Please note that transportation is NOT provided for students at J.A., and that a change of schools may affect athletic eligibility.


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