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Attention Seniors:  This is your page for updates on graduation and more!

Good Morning Class of 2021 and Families,

In light of the new guidelines, we have made a few changes to our commencement ceremony.  Please keep reading for more information.

MASKS ARE OPTIONAL FOR GRADUATING SENIORS  Since the number of seniors is fewer than the number of spectators and they are somewhat isolated as a group from the spectators, the seniors will be provided the option of wearing a mask before, during and after the ceremony as long as the ceremony remains outdoors.

“RESTAURANT RULES” APPLY FOR SPECTATORS  For the comfort of those still concerned about COVID spread, we are requiring all spectators to wear masks while entering and exiting the field area as well as when they are moving to and from their area.  Once seated, wearing a mask is optional.  We are asking that everyone honor each other’s personal choice about masks and social distance.  Also, please maintain an appropriate social distance from others not in your household.

NUMBER OF SPECTATORS ALLOWED WILL INCREASE TO 525  Because the capacity of our field is limited, we must continue to limit the number of spectators which is why we are unable to offer an unlimited amount of guests.  However, we are happy to announce that we are expanding the size of the crowd to 525 and will be releasing additional tickets.  Please read below for the procedure and times.

  • At Senior Checkout, the graduation packet will continue to receive up to four tickets.  

  • Additional tickets will be released to graduating seniors ONLY.

  • Any lost tickets will not be replaced.

  • Additional tickets will be released on a first come first served basis.

  • Additional tickets will be released at 8:30am on May 26, 10:45am on May 26, and 2:00pm on May 26 or until they are gone.

ADDITIONAL PARKING PERMITS AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP ON MAY 26  Due to the increase in capacity, we are releasing 50 additional parking permits.  They will be available on a first come, first served basis.  We will release them at the same time and date as the additional tickets.  Please ensure that your graduating seniors know to request them.

SENIOR CAR PARADE ROUTE  Seniors, if you are participating in the Car Parade, please park in the Broomfield Industrial Park parking lot BEFORE the graduation ceremony.  Please click on the link to see the Parade Route.  Because the rules have changed, we are relaxing on the restriction of one senior per car but continue to recommend families keep safety as a priority.

If you have any questions, please contact Anne Leoni ( or me (

FINAL EXAMS ARE NEXT WEEK  For high school courses, final exams are Thursday, May 20, and Friday, May 21.  Exams will be given during their scheduled class time.  On Thursday, seniors are expected to take their C and D block final exams.  On Friday, seniors will complete their A & B block final exams.  Once their final exams are complete, they are no longer expected to attend their classes.  Remote students will take their final exams synchronously with the in-person students.  Please check with your teachers for the exact exam time and date.  FRCC and AP courses will have a different final exam schedule and different attendance requirements.  Please check with your teachers to understand what is expected.


SENIOR CHECKOUT IS TUESDAY, MAY 25 FROM 1PM TO 3PM  Whether you are a remote or in-person student, please plan to be at the school any time from 1pm to 3pm to complete the checkout process.  You will use this time to return textbooks and library materials, pickup medications held in the clinic, drop off uniforms (if your season is complete), pay outstanding fees, and return devices or any other property of the school.

CAP AND GOWN PICK UP IS TUESDAY, MAY 25 FROM 1PM TO 3PM  Once Seniors have completed the checkout process, they will be provided their cap, gown, and honor cords.  Seniors will also pick up their graduation packet which includes the graduation tickets, parking permit, and instructions for the commencement ceremony.  Please make arrangements to be at the school to complete this process.  All students entering the building will be symptom screened and must wear a mask.  Please keep social distancing in mind!

EXTRA GRADUATION TICKETS AVAILABLE AT 8:30AM ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 26  Extra graduation tickets will be distributed two at a time to seniors who arrive at 8:30am of graduation rehearsal.  We will distribute them until they are gone. However, we will not issue more than two extra tickets to the same student until all students have had an opportunity to ask for them.  For example, if there are three students in line at 8:30am, they may not re-line up and ask for more. 

GRADUATION REHEARSAL BEGINS PROMPTLY AT 9AM ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 26  Seniors, we will have you line up at 9am and remain standing until every person participating in the commencement ceremony arrives.  Once everyone has arrived, we will begin the graduation rehearsal.  At this time, seniors will be expected to remain 6 ft apart and wear their masks at all times. 

SENIOR BREAKFAST BEGINS IMMEDIATELY AFTER GRADUATION REHEARSAL The sooner we complete graduation rehearsal, the sooner you may begin your Senior breakfast.  Senior Breakfast will begin at 10am or later, depending upon when rehearsal is complete.  During this time, Boosters will give each person their Senior gift.  

SENIOR CAR PARADE IS HAPPENING AFTER GRADUATION!!  We are asking all seniors to park in the Broomfield Industrial Park parking lot (we will include a map in the graduation materials) prior to graduation.  Once the commencement ceremony ends, Seniors will return to their cars and get ready for the parade.  The parade will begin at 1:30pm.  The parade will end in the JA parking lot with a last opportunity to say goodbye.

SENIOR GOODBYE CELEBRATION AFTER THE PARADE  Once all seniors are back in the parking lot, we are asking families to meet their Senior at home so that they can enjoy one last moment as the Class of 2021.  Student Government is hosting a quick reception in the parking lot for the seniors.  They will hand out Senior superlatives and enjoy their final moments as the Class of 2021 and then we will send them home.  We promise, it will only take 30 minutes (or longer depending on how long their goodbyes take).  

GRADUATION DETAILS WILL BE SENT HOME IN THEIR GRADUATION PACKETS  In a separate email, we will send home the graduation details and instructions.  A copy will also be included in the packets to be picked up on Tuesday, May 25.


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