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Principal Notes - January 5, 2022

WELCOME BACK - SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW, JANUARY 6, 2022  I hope everyone had a good, restful break.  School will resume tomorrow, January 6. This is a full day.

SCHOOL LUNCHES FOR THURSDAY AND FRIDAY WILL BE DIFFERENT  Due to staffing shortages, our Kitchen Manager and Assistant will not be onsite Thursday or Friday.  Instead Jeffco Nutrition Services delivered sack lunches with shelf-stable foods so that those who need it may have lunch.  You will have a choice between a teriyaki, beef stick or chocolate-flavored hummus along with a side.  These choices will be the same for Thursday and Friday.  Regular meal service will resume on Monday.

SCHEDULES ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH INFINITE CAMPUS  Please check Infinite Campus tonight for your student’s schedule.  Room numbers, teachers, and classes can be found on your schedule.  Counselors will be available before school, during lunch, and after school for schedule changes through Friday.  Please follow your published schedule until you confirm that a change has been made.  Your courses through Canvas will be available tonight.

FRCC COURSES WILL BEGIN JANUARY 18 – ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED ON JAN 10  All students who are enrolled in FRCC courses other than college biology or college US History will be required to attend their class on January 10 for an orientation session with Ms. Porreco and Ms. LeValley.  Classes begin the week of January 17.  All students enrolled in Public Speaking should check their emails tonight for instructions regarding attendance.


UNIVERSAL MASKING IS REQUIRED INDOORS FOR EVERYONE 2+ YEARS AND OLDER  Broomfield announced a public health order effective through February 3, 2022 that requires masks to be worn indoors at all times for anyone 2 years or older regardless of vaccination status.  Masks should be KN95, N95, surgical, or at least multilayer to be the most effective for protection.  Failure to wear a mask appropriately throughout the day may result in disciplinary consequences.  Please review mask use and its importance with your student. 

MASK EXEMPTIONS If your student cannot medically tolerate a mask, then they may qualify for an exemption. If they are exempt from mask use, then they must quarantine for 7 or 10 days each time they are considered a close contact.  Medical/disability exemptions may be requested through the Google Form and require a statement provided on an appropriate health care professional’s letterhead/form and include the following:

  • Printed name, license number, address, phone number, and signature of a medical provider.
  • Identification of the medical, mental health, or other condition/disability that prevents the student from wearing a mask, and any alternative to a mask if necessary;
  • Parent/Guardian will be asked to upload (pdf, doc, image) this statement when completing the exemption Google Form.

DEFINITION FOR FULLY VACCINATED HAS BEEN UPDATED  When a distinction is made based on vaccination status, Broomfield redefined the term “Fully Vaccinated” to include the administration of the booster for anyone who is eligible.  So, in order to be considered fully vaccinated a person must have received their primary vaccination series within the last 6 months (Moderna), 5 months (Pfizer), or 2 months (Johnson & Johnson) OR received their Booster dose.

QUARANTINE PERIODS FOR ROUTINE, CLASSROOM EXPOSURE  As long as universal masking is in place, Broomfield Health guidelines state that NO quarantine period will be required as long as close contacts are not experiencing symptoms.  They recommend close contact monitoring for symptoms for 14 days after exposure, stay home if they become sick, test on or after day 5 and wear a high-grade mask for 10-days following exposure.  Any person who cannot tolerate wearing a mask must quarantine for a 7- or 10-day period.

QUARANTINE PERIODS FOR HIGH RISK ACTIVITIES - PE, BAND/CHOIR, ATHLETICS  Since the risk of transmission is much higher for these activities because of the increased respiratory exertion, quarantine periods of a minimum of 5 days (more likely 7 days) may be implemented for unvaccinated individuals with proof of a negative test.  At this time, fully vaccinated individuals are not expected to quarantine.  However, as conditions within the community change, this may change.  We will continue to work closely with Broomfield Health and implement their recommendations on a case-by-case basis.

QUARANTINE PERIODS FOR HOUSEHOLD CONTACTS  Although the CDC and CDPHE have reduced the minimum quarantine periods for household contacts and allowed for exemptions for vaccinated individuals, Broomfield Health remains conservative because of the infection rate among households which is almost 100% and because of the high number of breakthrough cases (up to 75%) among households.  The quarantine period is based on whether the covid positive individual can isolate.

  • For COVID-positive individuals that can isolate, the household contacts must quarantine for 5 days, test on day 5 or later, and return on day 6 (vaccinated) or day 8 (unvaccinated).
  • For COVID-positive individuals that cannot isolate but wear a mask at all times, the household contacts must quarantine for 11 days.
  • For COVID-positive individuals that cannot isolate and cannot wear a mask at all times, the household contacts must quarantine for 16 days.

ISOLATION PERIOD FOR COVID-POSITIVE INDIVIDUALS  For students and staff who test positive for COVID, they must isolate for a minimum of 5 days.  In order to return on Day 6, they must be fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medicine, experience significant improvement in their symptoms, and must have tested negative on a COVID test (can be an at-home test) taken on Day 5.  Additionally, they must wear a high-grade mask at all times from day 6 to 10.  For students engaged in high-risk activities, a 10-day isolation period is in effect.  Any person who cannot tolerate wearing a mask must isolate for the 10-day isolation period.

STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES - Broomfield Health continues to examine practices for consistency across the local areas.  As updates from Broomfield Health are received, our practices change.  They are expecting to release additional and revised guidelines this Friday.  As guidelines and recommendations change, updates via email will be sent to keep everyone informed.

We understand that this transition may be difficult for some families.  We appreciate your patience as we communicate the changes that will occur over the next few days and weeks.  We hope that you understand that your student’s safety and wellbeing are our top priority.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve the community, your student, and your family.

Thank you,

Heather M. Grantham

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