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Principal Notes - August 16, 2022

TODAY IS A HALF DAY OF SCHOOL - DISMISSAL AT 11:30AM  We are excited to see our hallways and classrooms filled with smiling students.  It has been a great start to the year.  Today, dismissal will be at 11:30am.  Please practice patience as you navigate the pickup line, remember there are new families who are learning the new traffic routines, and be kind to the staff who are outside directing traffic.

CELL PHONE AND PERSONAL DEVICE POLICY UPDATE  Last year, we saw the detrimental effects that social media, cell phones, and personal electronic devices had on the wellbeing and health of our students and the school culture. We also observed higher levels of distraction in classes and a lower amount of engagement in discussions.  In order to reverse some of these effects, we have updated the cell phone policies and procedures this year to place some controls on their use during the school day.  

Electronics Usage

Parents/guardians understand that student’s possessions, including but not limited to, vehicles, bicycles, money, clothing, wallets, purses, backpacks, band equipment, laptops, cell phones, smartwatches, music/media devices, are brought to school at the student’s own risk. Lockers are provided, if requested, for storage and should be locked at all times. Students who bring their cell phones and other personal electronic devices (PED) to school must keep them safely and securely stored.

Cell Phone & PED Possession & Use Policy Students are required to place their cell phones in a holder in the classroom at the beginning of each class period. They may not be utilized or accessed during class time (which includes JH lunch) unless specifically directed by a teacher to do so and the school takes no responsibility for their use or loss. If a student is observed with a cell phone or other personal electronic device during class time (in the classroom, in the hallways, or anywhere on campus) without prior authorization by the teacher, it will immediately be confiscated by the teacher and stored in the office.

●        Following the first occurrence of storing the phone in the office, the student may retrieve the item at the end of the school day.

●        After the second occurrence, the parent/guardian must retrieve the item.

●        If there is a third occurrence, a conference with the student, parent/guardian and school administration is required in order to retrieve the item which may result in prohibiting the device from being in school for the remainder of the year.

Please help us support your students by supporting this policy.  Should you need to get a message to your student in an urgent manner, you may call the office and leave a message to be delivered to your student.  

DRESS CODE ENFORCEMENT WILL BEGIN IN TWO WEEKS - PRACTICE NOW  This year, we will be returning to some of our policies that are the cornerstone to how we define ourselves as a school.  As part of our school mission, we prepare students for the postsecondary world.  Part of that world is understanding dress codes change for different situations.  School is considered their professional world.  As such, we believe that adhering to a dress code is important to building their knowledge about navigating the world around them.  Our dress code was developed and modified with the assistance of students and parents as part of a committee and will be examined periodically to ensure it is equitable.  To read the dress code, please download the Parent/Student Handbook found on our website.

For the first two weeks, our faculty and staff will be engaging in conversations with students to remind them of the dress code.  After that time, we will expect students who are violating dress code to change their clothes before they are allowed to return to class.  Please support this learning by ensuring your students are dressed within school policy.  

DEVICE REGISTRATION FOR STUDENT DEVICES  The Guest WiFi will be open for the next 2 weeks for student use until they are able to get their devices registered after school in Room 202. Device registration will be available after school beginning Wednesday, August 17th and the Guest WiFi will no longer be available after August 26. Devices that were registered last school year do not need to be registered again this year.  New devices can be registered after school at any time throughout the year. Device registration is only for school devices not cell phones.

MANDATORY ATTENDANCE FOR FRONT RANGE CLASSES - WED & THURS  All students who are enrolled in FRCC courses other than college US History (which begins on 8/16) and college Bio (which begins in 8/17) and college Math classes will be required to attend an orientation session with Ms. Porreco and Ms. LeValley during your college class period on Wednesday 8/17 or Thursday 8/18.  If you have a Monday/Wednesday class, please go to your classroom on Wednesday.  If you have a Tuesday/Thursday class, please go to your classroom on Thursday.  Courses that meet more than 2 days a week will meet on Wednesday. Ms. Porreco and I will have several classes to visit so please stay put until you see us. Any questions please let me know!

LATE WORK POLICY UPDATES  Please review your student’s course syllabus over the next few days.  One of the things you will see is the return of departmental late work policies.  Our teachers were asked to review their policies and align them to our more typical standards of rigor.  Please have a conversation with your students about the importance of respecting deadlines and accepting responsibility and consequences when those deadlines are missed.  It is important for you to understand the policies so that you can support your students in prioritizing their academics.

SCHOOL PICTURES ARE WEDNESDAY  Jostens will be here Wednesday, August 17 for picture day.  ALL students must have their picture taken (including Seniors!) for student ID’s, Infinite Campus and yearbook.  Please be sure your student does NOT wear green on photo day, this interferes with the green screen background.  All ordering will be done online, please check your email for more information from Jostens.   

SCHOOL PICK UP AND DROP OFF PROCEDURES  Students may be dropped off as early as 7:30am (7:15am for Zero Hour classes).  Students may remain on campus after school when they are waiting for an activity or practice to begin or have an appointment to meet with their teachers.  Students who are disruptive, destructive, or disrespectful will not be allowed to remain on campus outside of school hours.  

SCHOOL TRAFFIC PATTERN  Click HERE for the traffic pattern.  If you would like to bypass the parking lot for dropoff and pickup, families may park along the street where there is a bike lane.  Please do NOT use the parking lots of surrounding businesses as a meeting point.  Please follow the directions of the staff members outside directing traffic. Please observe all traffic laws.  Please practice patience in the first few days, understanding that we are all learning again.

TRAFFIC REMINDERS  As we are observing the traffic patterns, there are a few reminders to ensure that we are being safe.  

  • Please enter the parking lot ONLY at the four-way stop.  Do not use the entrance close to the front of the school.

  • Please drive along and line up using the perimeter of the ENTIRE parking lot.  This keeps our traffic from backing up onto 112th Ave.

  • Please pull as far forward as you can (even past the front door or even past your student) when picking up or dropping off your student.  This will allow traffic to queue in our parking lot rather than on the street.

  • Please refrain from speeding past other cars in line in order to escape the traffic.  This endangers our students who walk as well as other cars who may be moving.

  • Students may be dropped off and picked up along any part of the sidewalk. They will be safe to  walk a few more feet on the sidewalk to get to the front door.

THOUGHT OF THE WEEK:   Seeing many of the students returning, I am amazed at how much they have grown over the summer.  Their young faces have returned more mature, their voices have changed and some have stretched at least a foot (or at least from my vantage point, it seems like it).  I am sure some experienced the common pains and discomfort that accompany such rapid growth.  At times we celebrate these pains knowing that our students are going to be a few inches taller.  It reminds me of the similar experience of learning.  It is my hope that over the next few months our students begin to experience the same rapid growth in their knowledge and skills.  They also will experience “growing pains” but rest assured knowing that we will be alongside your students helping them to navigate their growth and development. We hope that you will celebrate their productive struggle with the confidence in knowing that they are growing their minds toward adulthood.

Have a great week, Jags!
Heather M. Grantham

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