BYOD and Technology


The JA BYOD device should be an internet ready device with a physical keyboard. The device your student uses could be any of the following: a Windows laptop, a Macbook, an iPad with keyboard, a tablet with keyboard, or a Chromebook. A cell phone does not meet the requirements.

A chromebook meets all the needs of the school BYOD and often tends to be less expensive than a Windows or Mac laptop. It does not need to be a chromebook, however.Chromebooks are very simple to use but if your student has used a Mac or Windows computer and is more comfortable with it then that could be easier for them. Also if their own computer needs/wants could necessitate a Windows or Mac computer that could be a consideration as well. It really is an individual family decision as to the type of device. They do need to bring their device every day so the weight of the device could be a factor in your choice.

Chromebooks have Chrome's Auto Update Expiration (AUE). Currently, once your AUE date arrives, the Chromebook will no longer receive software updates from Google. These include security updates, bug fixes and new features. And with those updates, things like ChromeOS and browser apps and extensions might no longer function properly.
Many companies offer specials on Chromebooks that were manufactured several years ago so you may buy a device with a shorter life. New devices are manufactured with 5 year AUE's but when purchasing a Chromebook make sure to check the expiration date.
Google will publish a model’s AUE date on this page after its release, giving buyers time to make purchase decisions. Please check the AUE date when making a purchasing decision.

Technology Fee

The Technology Fee is to offset the cost of our high-speed internet lines, internet security filters, wireless routers, hardware and software programs that your student will use throughout the year along with unlimited printing.

JA uses a SonicWall firewall to monitor and filter activity and content for students when they are in school and attached to the school network. It is up to each family to decide how to filter and monitor devices when they are not on the school network. Per the technology acceptable use policy, VPNs are not allowed on the school network.

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