Principal's Notes

September 22, 2020

CONGRATULATIONS TO KATE GIBLIN AND GAGE SCHACHER!  We are proud to announce that two members of the Class of 2021 have been recognized for their outstanding academic performance.  Gage Schacher, has been recognized as a National Merit Semi-Finalist, a distinction that goes to the top 1.5% of more than 1.5 million students who participated in the 2021 National Merit Scholarship Competition.  Gage has the opportunity to continue on in the competition to be recognized as a National Merit Finalist.  Kate Giblin is recognized as a Commended Student, one of 34,000 students recognized nationally of the 1.5 million students who participated in the competition.  Congratulations on this achievement!

BOYS GOLF MOVES ON TO STATE!  Congratulations to Ethan Runyon and Jack McLucas-Kinder who tied with an 84 yesterday at Regionals which earned them an opportunity to compete in the State Championship Golf Tournament.  Hunter Johnson also finished his season with an impressive 88, barely missing the cut.  Congratulations to the Golf Team finishing their season 5th out of 17 teams at Regionals.  Good Luck at State!

SAVE THE DATE:  PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES ARE OCTOBER 14 AND 15  All parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for Wednesday, October 14 from 3:30pm to 5:30pm and Thursday, October 15 from 3:30pm to 7:30pm.  All conferences will be conducted through Zoom.  More information with an opportunity to sign up for appointments will be sent by October 1st.  

STUDENT COURSE GRADES ARE NOW FOUND ON CANVAS  All assignments and grades can be found on Canvas.  We are no longer keeping grades updated on Infinite Campus.  To access your student’s grades, please login to Canvas as an observer using the email address provided through JeffcoConnect.  For more detailed instructions, please see our Canvas for Parents page on our website or click the following link:  Canvas for Parents.

SENIOR ADS . The deadline to submit your senior portraits and ads is fast approaching! Please complete the form emailed to you at the beginning of the school year and send it to before October 1st. Or click on the following link to access it:  Senior Ad Order Form.  Thank you. 

ATTENTION: CLASS OF 2021 PARENTS  A group of parents motivated to coordinate events for the Senior class is being organized right now.  In an effort to communicate to the entire group, they are requesting all class of 2021 parents reach out to join a mailing list to be informed of upcoming events and get your opinion about how to make the seniors’ year special!  If you are interested in joining the group and you are a parent of a Senior, please email Krista Hughes at  

DOWNLOADING THE FEVER FREE APP  If your student is entering the building after the beginning of the day, please make sure they have completed the account information for the Fever Free App.  All students received an email in their account.  If they don’t have the link, then they can still download the app and use their account to register with the school and complete their account information.  Please reach out to Renee McCarty ( if you have any questions.

ACCESSING THE LIBRARY INFORMATION  Even though the library doors are closed, the library services are still open for business.  Mrs. Buechner has taken her library on the road (or at least in the halls) at our school.  Parents, please click on the link to see what services our library can provide at home:  Parent Library Information Video.  

THOUGHT OF THE WEEK:  ARE YOU TIRED?  This is hard.  With so many changes to our school setting, I found myself reflecting on how exhausted I feel and it has not even been a month since we have been back in school!  I see the look on everyone’s faces and feel like it reflects my own...there is a kind of exhilarated exhaustion that I am experiencing.  I am excited to be back at school among people, both big and small.  I am thrilled to begin another school year and wait with the greatest amount of hope and anticipation for what the year will bring.  And, I am exhausted because change is hard and learning new ways of doing things is tiresome.  I tell you all of this, not to gain sympathy or compliments, but to let you know that it is okay to feel multiple things all at once.  Please know that we are here for you, we understand how tired you must be (because we are feeling it too), and we are excited that you are with us!  Together, we are #JagStrong!

Have a great week, Jags!


For Weekly Zoom Meeting Times and Links, click HERE.

For the Appointment Notification Form, click HERE.

For the Early Arrival Request Form, click HERE.


September 14, 2020

SCHOOL PICTURES ARE THIS WEEK  For students who are learning in-person, picture day will take place during classes on Tuesday (9/15) and Thursday (9/17).  For students who are learning remotely, picture day will take place on Wednesday (9/16) from 2:30pm to 5:30pm in the Auxiliary Gym.  Please use the following link to sign up for your picture time:  Remote Learning Picture Day.  All orders must be completed online directly through Lifetouch.  Ordering Information is available on the home page of our website at  

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS DOCUMENT IS UPDATED  We have put together a document filled with our most frequently asked questions.  We also continually update the document as new information is shared and practices change.  Please click on the following link to access the document:  FAQs

STUDENTS SHOULD BRING A FULLY CHARGED DEVICE TO SCHOOL  Students who are participating in in-person learning must bring their device to school each day.  Our classes are paperless and as contactless as possible which makes their device essential to their learning.  Please make sure the device is fully charged before they arrive at school.  We do not have spare devices that can be loaned for the day.  Also, please make sure they have their charger with them so that they can plug it in should the device run out of battery power.  Additionally, if the student has a charging bank, they may bring it to school.

WEEKLY ZOOM MEETINGS AVAILABLE WITH TEACHERS  Each week our teachers are available to meet with parents or those helping students at home.  Please click on the link, Weekly Zoom Meetings, to find the dates and times each teacher is available.  This meeting is designed to ask questions about the week’s assignments and to clarify classroom policies and expectations.  It is not designed to be a parent-teacher conference.  To ask specific questions about your student, please set up a separate time to meet with the teacher.

A NOTE FROM BOOSTERS: SHOP AT KING SOOPERS AND RAISE MONEY FOR JA  If you shop at King Soopers, please consider adding Boosters to your loyalty card.  King Soopers will provide a percentage of your purchases to the Boosters organization through the King Soopers Community Rewards Program.  To participate, log on to Fill in your info for your SOOPER CARD. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner. Click on my account. Go down to Community rewards on the left side menu. Enter Jefferson Academy Boosters and/or GJ555 for our organization  number.

ATTENDANCE FOR IN-PERSON LEARNING  If your student is participating in hybrid learning, then their attendance will be marked according to their designated days.  When they are supposed to be in-person, then their attendance will be marked based on whether they are present or absent in the building, regardless of whether they are completing their assignments.  When they are supposed to be remote, then their attendance will be marked based on how the teacher is tracking attendance.  In order to be marked present, students must complete the attendance requirement on-time.  If they complete the requirement past the time limit, then they will be marked absent.  Please call the attendance line to provide a reason for your student’s absence.  If the reason provided meets the appropriate criteria, then the absence will be excused.

ATTENDANCE FOR REMOTE LEARNING  Students who are scheduled into remote learning classes are responsible for meeting the attendance requirements set by the teacher.  Students who do not complete the attendance requirement on time will be marked absent.  If your student is absent, please contact the office to provide a reason.  If the reason provided meets the appropriate criteria, then it will be marked as excused.

WHAT QUALIFIES AS AN EXCUSED ABSENCE?  If a student misses class because of an illness or injury, then please call the office or attendance line to be excused.  If a student must miss class because of an appointment, please complete the Appointment Notification Form.  For all other absences, please complete the Pre-Arranged Absence Form at least 3 days prior to their absence.  As long as the student meets the criteria (in good academic standing, no more than 4 absences in a semester), their absence will be excused.  All other reasons are considered unexcused.

WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES OF AN UNEXCUSED ABSENCE/TARDY?  The excused/unexcused designation is a matter of recordkeeping.  There are no consequences for unexcused absences unless it presents a prolonged trend of truancy.  Please rest assured knowing that we will reach out to you if the number of absences becomes concerning. Please use it as a way of understanding how your student is meeting their responsibilities for reporting to school and a way of opening the lines of communication between you, your student, the school, and their teachers.  

HAVE YOU (PARENTS) SIGNED UP FOR YOUR CANVAS ACCOUNT?  One of the best benefits of Canvas, our new Learning Management System, is that you can see everything your student sees.  From grades on single assignments to all upcoming assignments including how much time your student spends on their assignments, you get to see it all! For directions to sign up for your Canvas Account, please visit our Canvas for Parents page on our website.

THOUGHT OF THE WEEK:  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE  With the beginning of in-person learning behind us, I finally feel like learning is beginning to take the priority along with safety.  I appreciate each of our families and the patience you have exhibited.  In this tough time, your gratitude and ability to be flexible with all of the changes have only proven to me what a strong community we are.  As we get into the routine of school, I am asking for your continued support of our faculty, staff, and community.  If you have concerns about your student, please reach out to our teachers and staff with the objective of understanding and positive intent.  We will do the same.  When we work together and show grace to one another, we all win.  As a community, we will grow stronger because we are ONE.

Have a ONEderful week, Jags!

Ms. Grantham


September 8, 2020


DRIVELINE INFORMATION NEEDED FOR PICKUP  Please remember to display the four-digit Family ID you received in your dashboard.  That is all you need to do to have your student released from their classroom.  Please share this number with all drivers who transport your student.  If you received two numbers, please call the office with both numbers.  (This should not have happened too many times.)

WHAT DO I DO IF I DON’T HAVE MY FAMILY ID FOR DRIVELINE?  Pull over and find a parking spot.  Call 720-887-1992.  Ask for your Family ID number.  Write down the number and display it in your dashboard.  Enter at the end of the pickup line.  Wait until we enter your number and release your student.  If you don’t have anything to write with, remember or record your number and provide it to the person entering Family ID numbers once you reach the front of the line.  We will enter it and release your student.

PICKUP MAP IS AVAILABLE  Please make sure to follow the map route for picking up your students.  The map is attached.

7TH GRADE PICK UP AND DROP OFF LOCATIONS ARE DIFFERENT  If your student is in 7th grade or you have siblings of a 7th grade student, please read this information carefully.  The drop off location will be the Fine Arts Entrance for 7th grade students only.  The pickup location after school will be next to the concession stand near the staff parking lot.  Both 7th grade students and siblings of 7th grade students should report to this spot for pickup.  

8TH-12TH GRADE PICK UP AND DROP OFF LOCATIONS ARE THE SAME  Students in grades 8 to 12 will be dropped off at the Main Entrance or the East Entrance based on where their first class takes place.  Students will be picked up at the same location as their dropoff spot, either the Main or East Entrance.  Traffic patterns remain the same as last year.  If you are new to JA, just follow the traffic.  Staff will be outside the first few days assisting drivers.

See you soon!

Ms. Grantham

September 4, 2020


COLD LUNCH ONLY  Because we are restricting shared equipment, we are no longer providing microwaves or hot water for lunch service for students.  Please make sure that whatever is brought for lunch can be eaten without a need for a microwave or hot water.

ANNOUNCEMENT: THERE IS SUCH A THING AS FREE LUNCH  Jeffco Nutritional Services, our lunch cafeteria program provider, recently announced that all students are eligible to receive free lunch.  Students who typically purchase lunch will no longer be charged for lunch for the first semester.  Students will only be charged if purchasing a la carte items (snacks, drinks, etc).

ASSIGNED ENTRANCES FOR IN-PERSON LEARNING  There will be three entrances open at 8:00am for student arrival.  Students should use an entrance based on their A Block classroom.  Schedules with classroom assignments can be found in Infinite Campus (IC).

  • Fine Arts Entrance - All classrooms that start with A

  • Main Entrance - All classrooms that start with 2

  • East Entrance - All classrooms that start with 1

  • Students who do not have an A block will enter through the Office.

SYMPTOM SCREENER AT THE DOOR  All students must complete a symptom screen prior to entering the building.  If you have downloaded the Fever Free App, then students will show their “Cleared for Arrival” badge at the door.  If you have not downloaded the Fever Free App, then students will be expected to answer a series of questions and have their temperature taken.  Please be prepared for long lines at the beginning of the week and dress appropriately for the weather.

DRIVELINE INFORMATION SENT HOME  Please remember to display the four-digit Family ID you received in your dashboard.  That is all you need to do to have your student released from their classroom.  Please share this number with all drivers who transport your student.  If you received two numbers, please call the office with both numbers.  (This should not have happened too many times.)

7TH GRADE PICK UP AND DROP OFF LOCATIONS ARE DIFFERENT  If your student is in 7th grade or you have siblings of a 7th grade student, please read this information carefully.  The drop off location will be the Fine Arts Entrance for 7th grade students only.  The pickup location after school will be next to the concession stand near the staff parking lot.  Both 7th grade students and siblings of 7th grade students should report to this spot for pickup.  

8TH-12TH GRADE PICK UP AND DROP OFF LOCATIONS ARE THE SAME  Students in grades 8 to 12 will be dropped off at the Main Entrance or the East Entrance based on where their first class takes place.  Students will be picked up at the same location as their dropoff spot, either the Main or East Entrance.  Traffic patterns remain the same as last year.  If you are new to JA, just follow the traffic.  Staff will be outside the first few days assisting drivers.

WEAR A PROPER MASK  As a reminder, students will need to wear a mask all day when indoors.  Any facecovering that is not appropriate will be replaced with a paper mask and a phone call home will be made.


PRE-ARRANGED ABSENCE FORM IS AVAILABLE ONLINE  If your student must miss class whether in-person or remote, please complete a pre-arranged absence at least 3 days in advance of your student’s absence.  If it is an emergency or last-minute appointment, please call the office.

ATTENDANCE PHONE CALLS  We are once again sending phone calls home regarding missed classes or school days.  If you believe that you received a call in error, please have your student contact their teacher to correct the mistake.  The teacher will notify the office to correct attendance for that day.  If your student was marked absent and they missed class for a medical appointment or illness, please call the office to excuse them.

EARLY ARRIVAL TIME MUST BE RESERVED  If your student must arrive to school earlier than 8:00am, please complete the Early Arrival Reservation form found on the home page of the secondary website at  Students who arrive early to school must have a reservation or entrance will not be allowed.  All early arrival students must enter through the Auxiliary Gym exterior door located next to the parking lot.  Students will be dismissed to their A block classroom at 8:00am.

HELP WANTED:  FULL-TIME OR PART-TIME CUSTODIAN  Please share this information with those interested in employment at Jefferson Academy Secondary.  We are seeking a full-time or part-time custodian.  Starting pay is $14.50 per hour.  Full-time position is eligible to receive benefits.  Please see our job posting on our website or click HERE to go directly to our careers page.

Have a great week!

Ms. Grantham

September 1, 2020

WELCOME TO WEEK TWO  In some ways, it is hard to visualize that we are in the second week of the school year.  Without the building full of students, it just does not feel the same.  Nevertheless, we welcome all of our students back for another great year.  Our teachers and staff were thrilled to see many families last week and are excited to begin a year of learning!  


ATTENDANCE MATTERS  Even though we are entrenched in the world of remote learning, we must remember one of the basic rules of school, attendance is mandatory.  Our teachers are blending learning in many ways, including the schedule of learning.  Some require assignments to be completed within the school day, while others provide flexibility.  It is important for students to know how their teachers require student participation.  Above it all, though, students should plan to “attend” school every day with some scheduled times to report and complete assessments.  We will continue to use Infinite Campus (IC) to mark attendance and the school messenger system will begin making phone calls home today to inform families of absences.  The absence/late work policy still applies.

PRE-ARRANGED ABSENCE FORMS ARE NOW ONLINE  If your student needs to miss school for any reason other than an illness or emergency, please complete the pre-arranged absence form at least 3 days in advance.  This form can be found on the home page of our website ( This will serve to notify the office and we will work to notify the teachers in advance of the missed days.  In addition to completing the form, it will be the student’s responsibility to work with the teachers to understand what missed work needs to be completed upon their return.


SCHOOL DAY DROPOFF TIME at 8:00AM  In order to reduce exposure, we have changed our procedures for drop off and pickup.  The school doors will open at 8:00am for students.  Students will be expected to wash their hands and go directly to their A block classroom.  Please make plans to drop off students between 8:00am and 8:20am.  Students who arrive in class after 8:25am will be marked as tardy.  

EARLY ARRIVAL TIME MUST BE RESERVED  If your student must arrive to school earlier than 8:00am, please complete the Early Arrival Reservation form found on the home page of the secondary website at  Students who arrive early to school must have a reservation or entrance will not be allowed.  All early arrival students must enter through the Auxiliary Gym exterior door located next to the parking lot.  Students will be dismissed to their A block classroom at 8:00am.

FEVER FREE IS NOW AVAILABLE  Last week, we sent a link to the Fever Free app to students through their account.  Please sign up your student using the link to complete their daily symptom screener.  We are asking for all secondary students who will be attending in-person to complete their account information.  This is the program we will be using to track symptom screening for everyone who enters the building.  You may use a desktop or mobile device to sign up.

ASSIGNED ENTRANCES FOR IN-PERSON LEARNING  There will be three entrances open at 8:00am for student arrival.  Students should use an entrance based on their A Block classroom.  Schedules with classroom assignments can be found in Infinite Campus (IC).

  • Fine Arts Entrance - All classrooms that start with A

  • Main Entrance - All classrooms that start with 2

  • East Entrance - All classrooms that start with 1

  • Students who do not have an A block will enter through the Office.


SCHOOL DISMISSAL TIME IS AT 3:25PM  Although school will be dismissed at 3:25pm, students will be held in their classroom until their transportation arrives on campus.  Students who walk or bike to school will be dismissed as the last group.  We are asking that all families arrange transportation to clear the building by 3:45pm each day to relieve the teachers of supervision duties for the day.  This year, we will be using Driveline, a program to notify classrooms when transportation arrives.  We will send families a separate email this week with their assigned, 4-digit number.  When you receive this, share it with all drivers who will pick up your student so they can display it in their dashboard.  Once you arrive on campus, school personnel will enter your 4-digit number to alert your student’s classroom that you are here.  Your student’s D block teacher will dismiss them. 

APPROPRIATE MASKS to be WORN AT ALL TIMES  As we begin in-person learning next week, please make sure your student is prepared to wear a mask for a full day.  If they have not already done so, encourage them to wear a mask at home for longer stretches of the day so they get used to it.  Review the mask guidelines located in the Restart Plan on our website at to ensure that your student’s mask meets the health/safety guidelines.  Some of the things to look for are: snug, secure fit, clean, and multiple layered fabric.  Some of the masks that are not allowed are: bandanas, neck gaiters or “buffs”, masks with cartridges.  Also, please ensure that masks are compliant with our dress code, meaning no references to profanity, sex, drugs, or alcohol.  If school personnel deems a student mask to be inappropriate, they will be provided a temporary mask for the day and families will be contacted.  If misbehavior occurs or continues to occur with face coverings, then students may be re-assigned to remote learning.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN MY STUDENT IS SICK  If your student becomes sick during the day, we will follow our typical procedure and make our best effort to contact the parent or guardian.  If they are sick prior to coming to school, please call the attendance line.  If they are displaying symptoms or have been confirmed positive for COVID-19, please contact the school office.  Students who are sick with or have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 will be expected to quarantine for 14 days and participate in remote learning.

SAVE THE DATE:  SCHOOL PICTURES WILL BE SEPTEMBER 15, 16, AND 17  As part of school security, each student must have an updated school ID.  Lifetouch will be here in September to take school pictures.  Order information will be available as the date approaches.  If you are learning remotely, please make plans to come to school on September 16 to have your student’s picture taken.  More details will be sent soon.

ZOOM MEETINGS FOR PARENTS/ACADEMIC SUPPORT PROVIDERS BEGIN NEXT WEEK  Are you supporting a student during remote learning?  Do you have questions about your student’s upcoming assignments?  Our teachers are hosting weekly 30-minute Zoom meetings to review the week’s assignments and answer questions.  Most meetings will be held at 7:30am, but some will be held at 4:00pm.  Meeting Days are organized by content area.  All families are invited to participate in these sessions, but they are not mandatory.  We ask that you keep your questions to general clarification topics, not student specific questions.  If you have specific questions about your student’s progress, we ask that you set up an individual meeting with the teacher.  Please click on the following link to access the schedule and Zoom links for each teacher:  JA Parent/Guardian Zoom Meetings.

Have a great week!

Ms. Grantham

August 26, 2020

WELCOME TO THE 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR!  Today is the first day of classes for students. Our teachers are so excited to get the school year underway.  Please make sure your student goes to Canvas to determine when their first Zoom meetings will be.  The first day of in-person learning will by Tuesday, September 8.

WHY AM I RECEIVING CANVAS NOTIFICATIONS IN MY EMAIL?  All parents have been assigned an Observer Account within Canvas.  We have automatically set up the account using the email address provided in Jeffco Connect.  To adjust the emails you receive, please activate your Canvas account.  Directions can be found on our website by visiting, hovering over Resources, and clicking on Canvas for Parents.  Or, click here: Canvas for Parents


All parents/guardians must complete these steps the first time you login to Canvas.  These steps must also be completed before attempting to download and use the App.

  1. Go to (this works best using Chrome)

  2. Without typing a username or password, Click on ‘Forgot Password?’

  3. As a login, type the same email address that you use for Jeffco Connect.  

    1. This is the email address that you receive Principal’s Notes from.

    2. If you cannot remember, please contact Anne Leoni at

  4. Click ‘Request Password’ after you typed your email address as your login.

  5. Check your email account for a link to create a password.

  6. Create your password using the link received in your email account.

  7. Return to the login screen and login with your email address and password.


Once you have completed the First Time Directions, then you may download the app.  Follow the directions below to start:

  1. Once you are signed in (as a parent), on the left side of the screen, click Account.

  2. Near the bottom of the menu, click on the link titled, ‘QR for Mobile Login’

  3. Leave the QR code on the screen and grab your phone or mobile device.

  4. In your App store, find and download the Canvas Parent App.

  5. Open the App and select the QR Code Option for finding your school.

  6. Click Next and then scan the QR Code on your desktop.

  7. You are finished!  Then, visit our website page, Canvas for Parents for additional resources to adjust your settings.


  • If you would like to change the email address that Canvas is linked to, please complete the following steps:

  • If Canvas is not loading completely, try using Google Chrome.  It sometimes does not completely load using Safari or other browsers. 

  • If you are still having trouble, please try clearing the cache in your browser and closing all unnecessary tabs.

  • If you cannot remember which email address is associated with Jeffco Connect, contact the office (or look through your history for other emails received from the school and use that one).

  • Please reach out to your student’s teachers for additional help troubleshooting for both your account and your student’s account.  If they cannot solve the issue, then they will reach out to our Building Tech Coordinator for assistance and reach out to you again with the solution.

FEVER FREE - SYMPTOM SCREENER  Today, all students who signed up for in-person learning will receive an email invitation to download the Fever Free app.  At the secondary, we are requesting that all students create their own account for tracking purposes.  For more information, please watch this short video on their website:  Fever Free Info Video  However, please do NOT sign up using the website.  If you sign up using the website, then you will be charged the retail price for the app and will not be associated with our school.  If you use the link included in the email, then you will not be charged for use and will be ready to use it at JA.

STUDENT PICKUP WILL USE THE DRIVELINE APP  Next week, we will send families a 4-digit code to display in the windows of all cars used to pick up students from school.  When you receive this code, please share it with all other drivers, make signs for each car, and place in the dashboard.  We will send the 4-digit code to the email address listed as the #1 Emergency Contact listed in Jeffco Connect.  Please share this information with all drivers.  Student drivers picking up younger siblings will need to enter the pickup line so that their siblings’ classrooms are notified to release them.  Students who walk or bike to school will be released last.

MISSED SUPPLY  PICK UP If your student missed our supply pick up on Tuesday, please have them contact their teachers to set up an appointment to pick up materials.  

WEEKLY ZOOM MEETINGS FOR PARENTS/ACADEMIC SUPPORT PROVIDERS  Beginning next week, teachers will be available to answer questions from parents about classwork, technology programs, and expectations.  We understand the importance of partnership with parents and families during remote and hybrid learning.  For this reason, we are offering open Zoom meetings for parents each week.  This time is designed for parents to gain clarity about the weekly assignments.  It is not designed to be a parent-teacher conference.  We will send out Zoom links for your reference later this week.  

Have a great week, Jags!

Ms. Grantham

August 21, 2020


MONDAY, AUGUST 24 IS THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - REMOTE LEARNING  On Monday, August 24, all students will begin in remote learning for the first two weeks.  All FRCC courses begin on Monday, too.  Hybrid, in-person learning will begin Tuesday, September 8.  If you did not receive the confirmation for your hybrid learning days, please contact the JA office for assistance. 



The orientation will consist of three events for students and families.  Monday and Tuesday are school days.  So, attendance will be recorded.  Don’t miss your first days of school!

  1. Online completion of the Passport to Canvas Course
  2. Meet the Faculty and Staff through a Grade Level Zoom Meeting
  3. Textbook and Supplies Pickup and Drop off at the School

(Tuesday, August 25th 3- 6pm)


To-Do List - Please read below for more information about each step.

  1. Login to account.
  2. Find the Zoom Meeting Link and attend!
  3. Login to Canvas before 10am on Monday.
  4. Complete the Passport to Canvas course by Tuesday at 12pm.
  5. Pickup your Course Textbooks and Supplies on Tuesday from 3pm to 6pm.
  6. Drop off school supplies designated for the school (Junior High Students Only).


TECH FOR ED CLARIFICATION  The district has sent several emails over the past few days regarding the district Tech for Ed program for 5th and 9th grade students.  Unfortunately, charter schools are not included in this program.  JA is a Bring Your Own Device school, so please make sure you have an appropriate device ready for your student next week.   Here is a link for information and recommendations on BYOD for Jefferson Academy. 


If you are experiencing financial hardship and are unable to purchase a device, we do have a limited number of ChromeBooks available for check out.  Please sign up here: Chrome Book Check Out  You will receive an email confirmation with instructions for picking up your device. 




HOW DO I ACCESS MY JAJAGS EMAIL ACCOUNT?  Ms. Davis, our Technology Coordinator, has published several pages on our websites to assist in accessing our programs.  If you need assistance getting started with your google account, please go to, hover over Students, then click on Links for Login OR click the following link - Links for Login.  On the page, you will find an informative video:  How to Login Video


GRADE LEVEL ZOOM MEETING  We are so excited to welcome you back.  At your scheduled meeting time, you will meet the teachers for your grade level, be able to speak with some of your classmates, and ask questions about the coming year.  Parents are welcome to sit with the students, but we ask that families use the link only once so that we can accommodate as many students as possible.  The scheduled times are as follows:


  • 7th Grade - 8:00am to 8:30am (7th Grade Meeting Link) Meeting ID: 781 2715 2433

    Passcode: Dx35EW

  • 9th Grade - 8:30am to 9:00am
  • 10th Grade - 9:00am to 9:30am
  • 11th Grade - 9:30am to 10:00am
  • 8th Grade - 10:00am to 10:30am
  • 12th Grade - 3:30pm to 4:00pm


Remember, the meeting links for all other grades except for 7th grade can be found with your student’s calendar invite sent to their email accounts.


PARENT ZOOM MEETING FOR QUESTIONS  We are hosting a Zoom meeting for parents who may have questions about the beginning of the school year.  Unfortunately, our account does not host more than 100 people.  So, the first 100 will be admitted to the meeting.  It will be hosted by Administration on Monday, August 24 at 6:00pm.  The teachers will not be present for this meeting so that they can continue to prepare for their classes.  Please use the following information to login to the meeting. 


Join Zoom Meeting

ID: 75302669381

Password: okdEO73tj8





WHAT IS CANVAS? WHY ARE WE USING IT?  Canvas is our new learning management system.  When a student accesses the system, they are able to see all courses in which they are enrolled.  They will be able to see all assignments within a calendar setting or by a to-do list organized by date.  Parents will have their own accounts in which they are ‘observers’ in their student’s courses.  They will be able to see almost exactly what their student sees which includes upcoming assignments, teacher feedback on assignments, and their course grades.  Download the Student and Parent App today to get started!



PASSPORT TO CANVAS COURSE WILL BE GRADED Canvas is our new learning management system.  This program will be the student’s first stop for accessing all class assignments and resources.  Our teachers have been busy learning the new system and developing the course resources so that our students can have it on the first day.  The Passport to Canvas is a short, orientation course that will familiarize students with the basics of the system.  There are embedded assignments that must be completed and graded.  The overall course grade will be the first grade entered into their English or Mathematics course for the year.   


HOW DO I LOGIN TO CANVAS AS A STUDENT?  You will find information about how to access Canvas on the Links for Login page of our website. For more step by step directions, please watch our How to Login to Canvas Video.


WHEN CAN I BEGIN THE PASSPORT TO CANVAS COURSE?  Your student’s schedule will be loaded into Canvas by tomorrow at 5pm.  Your student may begin working on the Passport to Canvas course on Monday, August 24.  All students are expected to login to Canvas on Monday before 10am.  Their login will serve as their attendance for the day.  For more information, please watch our Getting Started on Canvas Video.


WHAT IS THE DEADLINE FOR COMPLETING THE PASSPORT TO CANVAS COURSE?  All students should complete the course by 12:00pm on Tuesday, August 25.  The last assignment will not be available until Tuesday, August 25.  So, all students should login on Tuesday to complete it.  Their login and completion of the course will serve as their attendance for the day.


PICK UP TEXTBOOKS/SUPPLIES FOR FIRST QUARTER/SEMESTER COURSES  Pickup is scheduled for Tuesday, August 25 from 3pm to 6pm in the Auxiliary gym.  All families, regardless of remote or hybrid learning, should make plans to stop by the school to pick up their books/supplies for their JA classes.  All students will be provided a student planner and a JA-logo cloth, mask.  All new to JA Secondary students will also receive a t-shirt.  When you arrive, please wear your mask and be prepared for a symptom screen for entrance and practice social distancing at all times.  At some points of the pickup window, you may experience long lines.  So, be prepared to wait. 

MEDICATION DROP-OFF  If your student is scheduled for hybrid learning and has prescribed medication that should be stored at school, please drop it off on this day.  However, there will be other opportunities to drop off medication closer to the start of in-person learning as well. So, if you need more time, look for additional times in the future.

DROP OFF SCHOOL SUPPLIES (JUNIOR HIGH STUDENTS ONLY)  If you have already purchased school supplies by Tuesday and want to drop many of them off early, we will have collection bins for certain items.  Please drop off the following school supplies on Tuesday.

  • 1 roll of paper towels
  • 4 boxes of facial tissues
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Glad Sealable Storage Bags, Gallon
  • 2 containers of CLOROX disinfecting wipes (if possible)
  • SCOTCH Blue Painter's tape
  • 3x3 or 3x5 Post-it notes
  • Fine tipped felt pens (any color except black)
  • Avery 5164 (or equivalent) or 5366 (or equivalent) labels
  • Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Markers, chisel tip (assorted)

We look forward to seeing everyone online on Monday!  Have a great weekend as you enjoy the last few days of Summer vacation!

Have a great day!

Heather M Grantham







Jefferson Academy RESTART

August 12, 2020

SCHOOL REGISTRATION OFFICIALLY CLOSES TONIGHT  As a first step toward attending Jefferson Academy for the 2020-2021 school year, all families should complete school registration for each student.  Every year, the process of registering should be completed.  This year is more important than ever.  To begin your registration, please click on the following link:  School Registration Starts Here. Included in the website are also links to provide documentation for participation in athletics and to upload health/immunization forms.   For each step, look for the blue hyperlink.  There are four basic steps in the process.  

  1. Complete the Enrollment Confirmation Form.

  2. Update contact  information in JeffcoConnect.

  3. Pay School Fees in JeffcoConnect.

  4. Complete the School Registration Documents.

THANK YOU TO ALL FAMILIES WHO HAVE PAID THEIR SCHOOL/COURSE FEES  We realize what we are asking of families when it comes to paying fees for the school.  It can be a financial burden during an already stressful time.  I want to express my sincere gratitude to all families that have paid their fees for the school year.  Your payment helps us to offer the best educational experience possible.  Your financial partnership allows us to provide innovative software solutions, upgraded facilities, highly qualified and dedicated teachers and staff members, supplementary materials for course completion, and much more.  Thank you for continuing to support JA.  Together, we are JagStrong!

SAVE THE DATE:  MANDATORY STUDENT ORIENTATION WILL TAKE PLACE ON AUGUST 24-25  All students’ first graded assignment will be based on their participation in Remote Learning Student Orientation.  The day will consist of a Grade Level Zoom Meeting as well as the completion of a short, virtual course designed to prepare students for remote learning.  On Tuesday, August 25, students and families will come to the school to pick up any materials or textbooks needed for their classes.  We will communicate a more complete schedule with full details on Friday, August 21.  For now, save the dates!


Please keep in mind that with cohort scheduling, core classes are priority, and therefore, students may not have been placed in an elective of their choice. 

Requests for schedule changes can be made by the students, until 3:30pm on August 21st. Schedule changes this year are more difficult and take more time to process, so please allow counselors appropriate time to respond. Schedule changes will be made ONLY if one of the following applies.

Junior High Reasons to Request a Change:

  • I am enrolled in Math 7/8, but opt to switch to Math 7.

  • I am enrolled in Algebra, but opt to switch to Math 8.

  • I would like to change to a cohort with a different elective(s), if there is room.

High School Reasons to Request a Change:

  • I am enrolled in a course that I have already taken AND passed.

  • I am enrolled in the wrong MATH course.

  • I am enrolled in a higher level course that is out of sequence for me.

  • I am NOT enrolled in a graduation requirement (Juniors & Seniors ONLY).

How Do I Make a Schedule Change Request?

  • Registration must be completed fully before schedule change requests are accepted.

  • 7th-9th graders email your request and WHY to Mrs. Adams,

  • 10th-12th graders email your request and WHY to Ms. McKinney,

A NOTE ABOUT OFF-BLOCKS AND COLLEGE COURSES & CLASSROOMS  If your student has an off-block or college course in their day, the expectation is that they are not in the building.  Unfortunately, we do not have appropriate supervision for them.  If your student does not have transportation and must stay for the duration of the day, please contact Mr. Williams ( to discuss the situation.  In some cases, students may complete their remote learning in a classroom during their in-person days, but must comply with all health, safety, and school guidelines without supervision.

HIGH SCHOOL FALL SPORTS HAVE BEGUN -- (CROSS COUNTRY & BOYS GOLF) Amidst all of the changes, one thing that has remained the same is the excitement of participating in high school sports.  If your student is looking for a way to get involved or wants to try out a new sport, then please consider joining the Cross Country team or Boys Golf.  Cross Country’s first meet is almost here!  Join soon!  Contact Sharon DesJarlais for more details.

Have a great day!

Heather M Grantham

August 7, 2020

Parking Permit Process  If your student is intending to drive and park on campus, then they will need a parking permit.  Families may pay the parking fee of $62.50 in advance using Jeffco Connect.  The form will be emailed by Ms. Porreco using Naviance once registration closes.  Once the form is completed and signed by a parent/guardian, it should be submitted in the office.  We will process the form, verify payment has been received, and deliver the permit to the student in their class.  The first two weeks of in-person learning will serve as a grace period for families and the school to ensure parking permits have been distributed.

Boosters is Selling Spirit Wear  Boosters, our version of the PTO, has opened a new August Spirit Wear On-line Store.  You can order your JA items of your choice and show your school support and spirit!   We have men's & women's shirts & sweatshirts, hats, and even a stadium blanket.   Super simple to order - You can order and pay on-line.  Items will be shipped directly to your home after August 31st close date and production is complete.  Here is your link to order now! 

ALL FRCC Courses are 100% Remote Including BIO 111 and HIS 121  As previously announced, all Front Range Community College (FRCC) courses are online.  This now includes College US History and College Biology.  If you have concerns about your student’s ability to succeed in these courses, please contact Ms. McKinney via email at to discuss their situation and make a decision about whether continued enrollment is the right course.

Technology Course Fee - Remote Learning  We have received a few questions about whether remote learning families should pay the technology fee.  The answer is ‘Yes’.  The technology fee pays for all of the software licenses required to provide learning to both our in-person and remote students.  Additionally, it covers the equipment and service required to appropriately videoconference and supports the internet capabilities to communicate with families.  It is important that all families regardless of learning choice pay this fee.  Thank you for supporting the learning at JA.

Enrollment Confirmation Form Should be Completed for Each Student  Families should complete an enrollment confirmation form for each student in their household.  Families may choose different learning options or different in-person learning days for each child, if desired.  When selecting preferred days of the week for hybrid learning, please keep in mind that the weekly objectives will be the same for all students regardless of their choice of in-person, remote, or days of the week.  So, the in-person activities may be different for each group.  It appears that we are receiving an overwhelming selection for Monday, Tuesday learning.  At this point, we will not be able to honor all preferences but will do our best.

Have a great weekend!


August 5, 2020

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!  This is the first edition of this year’s Principal’s Notes, our weekly list of reminders and notifications for the upcoming week.  We are so excited to welcome everyone to this brand new school year.  In this period of time when things change constantly and many things are unknown, one this is for certain, we are happy to be back and look forward to a great year!

Policies Regarding Visitors and Volunteers  If you are used to being able to drop by the school office to conduct business, please plan to schedule an appointment.  In response to COVID-19, our school office is closed to visitors and volunteers in order to reduce exposure for our staff.  Please email our staff to schedule a virtual appointment or to ask questions.  If we cannot resolve your issue through virtual communication, then we will schedule an appointment.  

Online Registration is Now Open  From now until Wednesday, August 12, school registration is open.  The registration process must be completed fully for each student.  You may start registration by visiting our website and clicking on the Registration icon on the home page or using the following link, JA Registration.  If you have school registration questions, please email Anne Leoni at

Course Fees Have Changed Due to COVID-19  If you are a returning family, you may notice some changes in the course fees.  Our technology fee has increased because of the increased software programming demands due to remote learning.  We have reduced our parking fee because of our hybrid schedule.  If we return to full-time learning, then the parking fee may be adjusted.  Many of our teachers have chosen to waive the course fee, instead they will be providing a course-specific supply list.  Athletic fees will be generated quarterly based on the competition schedule.

School Supply List for Junior High  We have updated our school supply list for junior high students.  It is located on our website under Resources>Documents>Supply List or by clicking this link, JH School Supply List.  If you ordered your supplies through School Toolbox prior to August 1, there will be differences in what is needed.  You will find that we added to the list more than we removed items.  Please be prepared to purchase additional supplies once school begins.  High School Students will receive their supply list on the first day of classes, August 24.  

Art Supplies  If your student is enrolled in an Art class, the teacher will be emailing a supply list in advance of the beginning of school.  They have done the work to put together two different lists: an artists’ option for those who want a higher quality of supplies and an affordable option for those who want a value quality of supplies.  Both lists will have links to purchase them online.  If you purchase through and select Jefferson Academy (Broomfield, CO), then a portion of your purchase will be donated to our school.

When will we receive the next Principal’s Notes?  For the next few days, we will be sending information to families about the beginning of the year.  We have chosen to communicate daily for the next week so that we can deliver information in smaller chunks so that we do not overwhelm families with information.  Please keep an eye out for our daily updates.

Have a great day!

Heather M. Grantham

August 4, 2020

Good evening,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  Thank you for your continued patience as we are developing plans for what will be a unique year.  With ever changing conditions and guidelines, our plan changes on a regular basis.  However, I am happy to share our current plan.  Please read further for an overview of  our JA Secondary Restart Plan.  We hope to provide updates on a regular basis from now until the beginning of the school year.  So, please stay tuned!

This year, we will be offering an In-person (hybrid) and a Remote learning option.  

When is the first day of school?  The first day of classes will be Monday, August 24. The first two weeks will be in a 100% remote learning format.  Beginning September 8, the secondary school will begin learning in the hybrid format, meaning 2 days of in-person instruction and 3 days of remote learning.  Families may also choose to engage in 100% remote learning.

What will in-person learning look like?  Families who elect in-person learning will attend school in the building two days per week and engage in remote learning three days per week.  Half the students will attend school in person on Monday & Tuesday and attend school remotely on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  The other half of the students will attend school in person on Thursday & Friday and attend school remotely on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  During registration, families may elect their preferences.  We will do our best to honor the preference, but may be limited by demand.

What will remote learning look like?  The remote learning option will be designed and communicated by our JA teachers.  Students will be expected to login (attend school) and complete work each day.  They will also be expected to engage in both group work and individual work as well as attend lectures during their scheduled class time (synchronous learning).  There will also be activities that do not require following a schedule (asychronous learning).  Students should expect an increased demand on their time when compared to their Spring experience with remote learning.

Can we choose which option we want to participate in?  Yes.  Families will be required to complete an enrollment confirmation form as part of our registration process beginning on August 5.  The form will allow each family to select between our in-person, hybrid option and remote learning option.  Once the school year begins, students will have the option to change their selection during the first week of in-person learning which corresponds to the drop/add period.  Families may change, at any time, to the remote learning option, but may not return to in-person learning until the beginning of the next academic quarter.  Families will be expected to select their learning option each quarter using the Enrollment Confirmation form that will be emailed at the end of the quarter.

Can my student still participate in sports if we choose remote learning?  All high school students will still be allowed to participate in athletics if they choose remote learning.  For junior high students who choose the remote option, they will be able to participate in any sport with after school practices but not if they have their practice is scheduled during D-block.

Will the learning look like it did last Spring?  In both options, the expectations for achievement will be restored to our original levels.  Keep in mind that last Spring we reduced expectations for learning significantly by reducing the number of standards that we expected students to master.  This year, students should expect that their time both inside and outside of the classroom will be restored to typical levels.  Additionally, we will be emphasizing the mastery of concepts rather than seat time or compliance tasks, meaning that students’ grades will be based on their level of mastery of a concept as well as their preparedness for the next course level.  So, grades may be lower/higher than expected based on how well they can demonstrate their knowledge or mastery of the content.

My student’s schedule has changed since last Spring.  Can I change it back?  Cohorting is a practice that groups students as much as possible for the entire day.  It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Metro Denver Health Partnership, and the Colorado Department of Education among other agencies.  We redesigned the schedule to allow for the most cohorting possible.  If a student has a schedule change request, we will work with them to the greatest extent possible, but they may have to take courses that they did not expect or request because either a course is not available or it is not possible to maintain cohorting.  Please help them see this as an opportunity to discover a hidden passion.

Will my student be able to eat lunch with their friends?  Students will be expected to eat lunch in their C block classes with their classmates, socially distanced.  Juniors and Seniors will be expected to remain on-campus during lunch in their C block classes.  As a C block group, they can make the decision to spend time outside during lunch, but will be expected to maintain their distance from one another.  Unfortunately, if their friends are not in their C block class, then they will not be able to meet for lunch because it will create another cohort.

May I bring my child lunch?  There are no visitors allowed in the building during this time.  This means that parents are not allowed to bring or eat lunch with their children.  This also means that food delivery will not be allowed.  Hot lunch will be available from the cafeteria in a grab and go format. 

What can we expect when we return to the building?  Masks will be worn at all times by students, staff, and families.  If social distance can be maintained within the classroom, then mask breaks can be taken.  All common spaces will be closed at all times which includes the commons, locker rooms, senior and faculty lounges, art gallery, and the library.  Temperature checks and symptom screeners will be completed prior to entrance into the building.  Visitors, vendors, and volunteers will not be allowed to enter the building.

Will my child be issued a locker?  No locker use will be allowed this year because social distance cannot be maintained.  Because we are cohorting students, their need for movement throughout the building will be limited.  Students should bring their device every day and expect to bring their belongings to the classroom.  We are doing our best to deliver our assignments and resources in a 100% electronic format in order to decrease the amount of items they will be responsible for.

Last year, I was able to drop my student off early or pick them up later.  Will I still be able to do this?  We are strongly encouraging all families to drop-off/pick up their students as close to the bell as possible.  School Doors will open no earlier than 8:00am for A block and 7:15am for 0 Hour classes.  Early arrival students will need to have their space reserved through an online reservation process  (more details will be sent as we approach the beginning of the year).  All students will be expected to enter their classrooms directly upon arrival.  At the end of the day, students will be expected to be picked up by 3:30pm.  We will be using an online app that requires a specific family ID to assist with pick-up.  Students will be dismissed from their classrooms once their transportation has arrived.

What happens if someone is COVID-19 positive in my student’s class? We will work with the local health department as well as follow the latest guidelines.  Most likely, the student’s and the student’s teachers’ cohorts will be required to engage in remote learning for 14 days to allow for the appropriate quarantine period.

Last year, the technology was overwhelming.  What has been done to improve this year?  After researching different platforms, we have adopted Canvas, a Learning Management System.  This platform will integrate with Google Classroom.  Canvas allows students to see their resources and assignments for each class in one space and offers outstanding organizational tools so that students remain organized regardless of their learning option.  It also has a parent app which allows parents to see the same level of course detail.  Finally, it allows teachers to post assignments, provide feedback, and communicate with both students and parents from one platform.  Additionally, students will be provided with a Clever account which is a single, sign-on service which allows students to use multiple programs without having to login to each one.  We are excited to bring these programs online, but ask patience as we are all learning this new technology.

Where can I find more information?  Please review the JA Restart Plan presentation for full details. 

If we select in-person learning, does my student need a device?

JA is a Bring Your Own Device school.  We expect all students, Junior High and High School to bring/use their device everyday regardless of the option of learning selected.  Please refer to this link for suitable options:  BYOD and Technology.  If your family is unable to purchase a device, please contact Jen Davis our technology coordinator, to check out a device.

Do we have to register for school like we do every year or is this year different?  We will have registration beginning August 5, and at that time all families will review and complete registration and enrollment paperwork for the school year.  All families will complete this process regardless of whether in-person or remote learning is selected.  This includes medication agreements, code of conduct agreements, reviewing the student/parent handbook for both JA and Jeffco Schools as well as updating information in JeffcoConnect.  Since our primary source of communication is through email, it is of vital importance that families update JeffcoConnect each year. 

Do I need to purchase school supplies?  School Supply lists for Junior High Students are available on our website or through this link: Supply List   High school students will be provided with supply lists on their first day of school, August 24.  Because of the unique start of this year, we would advise families to wait until the first week of school to purchase school supplies because the list may change.    If you ordered from SchoolToolBox, the supplies will be used but there may be additional supplies to be purchased.

My student receives instructional support.  How will this be handled this year?  Students will continue to receive instructional support.  However, instead of a model in which they are scheduled into a separate class, students will receive instruction within their classes.  Our special service providers will be working with students in their core classes to provide support. 

From this point on, please watch your email since this is the first of our weekly email updates, Principal Notes.  We will include school updates and relevant information each week.

Thank you and we look forward to another amazing school year.

Heather Grantham

July 30, 2020

Dear JA families and staff,

Last night we had over 220 people join the virtual board meeting as our Board of Directors made decisions about school this fall.  I know all of us have strong opinions about the current situation and each decision the board made will impact staff and families differently. The Board of Directors was thoughtful as they weighed the pros and cons of each important decision. 

One of the items proposed by the administration was a Safety First decision-making process in order to protect our students and staff. We are now able to move forward with planning for our Restart Plan in just under a month. The following is a very short summary of what the board decided last night:

Elementary School

  • School will start on August 24th using a 2-week ‘routines and structures’ period of learning for hybrid learning OR 100% remote learning, based on family choices during registration.

  • The BOD approved a Safety First Plan,  which specifies roughly 5 feet of distance between students in a classroom. This plan will limit the number of students to about 20 students per room.

  • The board was very clear that their preference is to offer a full, 5-day a week program to all students wanting to attend in-person.  However, if the number of students who register for in-person learning exceeds the Safety First Plan (approx. 20 students per classroom/cohort), the school will have to move to a hybrid plan. 

  • All students K-6 must wear masks.

Secondary School

  • School will start on August 24th with a 2 week 100% remote learning plan for all students.

  • After 2 weeks, the secondary will move directly into a hybrid learning plan OR 100% remote learning, based on family choices during registration.. The full 5-day a week option is not being offered to secondary students at this time. 

  • The Safety First Plan at the secondary campus  specifies roughly 6 feet of distance between secondary students, limiting classroom/cohort size to about 20 students. 

  • All students 7-12 must wear masks.

Additional information:

  • A 100% remote learning plan is being offered to all students K-12.

  • Students may move from in-person to remote learning at any time, but after a short add/drop period (yet to be determined), students will only be able to move from remote to in-person learning at the end of each quarter.  

  • Registration will be held from August 5 - 12 for both campuses.

  • The learning plans adopted at the board meeting on July 29, 2020  will be reviewed periodically throughout the year.

  • Should Jeffco change their mask requirement for students 10 and under, our BOD will review its K-12 mask decision.

Tomorrow we will be opening up our JA Restart web page with current information reflecting last night’s decisions. You will be able to access both the elementary and secondary learning modules we briefly reviewed in the meeting.  As we finalize plans based on our board’s decisions, more information will be added to the JA Restart web page for easy access.  Additionally, an FAQ page will be added to address questions from last night’s public comment section.  

Due to the timing of the board meeting and this communication, this email is replacing Dr. O’Neill’s Friday School Bulletin this week. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we juggle ever-changing regulations.  The last 2 weeks have been incredibly busy as we finally started receiving the guidance from CDPHE and CDE that we have been waiting for all summer.  With the board’s decisions last night, we are now able to finalize plans for the new school year.  However, to Dr. Glass’ point from last week, no final plan is really ever going to be final.


Tim Matlick, Executive Director

Jefferson Academy

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