VAIII: Warm Ups & Visual Journaling
Trumpet Player Sculpture made out of wire and bolts
 W a r m   U p s  
      -In the Round (unless otherwise instructed)
      -If drawing, each Warm Up/Entry is at least half page
                 1.   Play Doh Sculptures  
                 2.   Three-Dimensional Forms  
                 3.    Color in Art  
                 4.    Wire Contour Portraits  
                 5.   Symbolism, Metaphors & Emotions  
                 6.   Paper Cardboard Sculptures  
                 7.   Origami  

 V i s u a l    J o u r n a l i n g   
      -Direct Observational Drawing
      -At Least One Page
      -Explored New Media 
                 1.   All About Me   
                 2.   Blind Contour...where does it go from here?  
                 3.   My Biggest Fear  
                 4.   Be Creative with Letters  
                 5.   Magic Mirror: What does it Show?  
                 6.   Monochromatic   
                 7.   Portrait Of Someone You Admire