Digital Photography
Megan Pottratz Patriotism Photograph Congressional Show honorable mention 2018

Digital Photography 


The art of Photography is all about composition.  Seeing the world through the lens of a camera and capturing not only what is seen with our eyes but expressing the emotional impact of our surroundings is what a true photographic artist sets out to accomplish.  This class is designed to expose student photographers to a variety of photographic styles, techniques and camera manipulations to develop a personal and unique photography style of their own.  

Students will complete the lessons that follow here in order, allowing them to get to know their camera, learn to maximize the use of camera settings creatively and further manipulate photographs in Adobe Lightroom.  It is expected that students take more pictures than the required amount and only submit their very best. According to Henry Cartier-Bresson "Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst".  Of course each student will find success in their first hundred photos or so, however, the difference between a snap shot and a photograph is the quality (composition, lighting, framing and emotional impact).  Student photographers must experiment with settings, lighting and composition in several photos before arriving at the one that truly captures the essence of their intended expression!

What to expect in the class format:

  • Each week student photographers will complete a Lightroom lesson, a Photoshoot and work on planning and edits for the projects. 
  • Every other week student photographers will submit a 'word of the week' photograph for credit. The class will vote on the best image and winning photographers will earn extra credit! 
  • Student photographers will have 3 weeks to complete each of the 3 big photo projects. Photographs for the projects must be taken outside of class/school.  Make time to leave your neighborhood to go take unique and dynamic photographs! 
  • All work will be submitted through blog posts.  Set up a blog account (if you haven't already).  Blogger is free through your jajags email account! 
  • Just as with any art, photography is not always "censored" or PG.  There may be times where students come across some mature content.  
  • Have fun!  Find your own unique way with your camera.  Experiment! Explore! Express! 

Week 1
  Class Task:  Project 1: Due week 3
Getting to Know Great Photos Getting to know your camera
What makes a great photo powerpoint

Watch American Photography & Complete worksheet

Getting started with the program: Chapter 1 

Week 2: 
  Photoshoot: White Balance  

  Setting White Balance
Seeing Before and Afters
My Editing Images Cheat Sheet

Week 3: 
  Photoshoot: The Exposure Triangle Project 1: Due
The Exposure Hunt: explore manual settings
  Lightroom: Exposure, Highlight, Shadows 

Week 4: 
  Class Task: Make Pinhole Cameras Project 2: Scavenger Hunt
Using the dark room  Detailed ideas, compositional 
plans and timeline  DUE
  Photoshoot: Playing with Exposure
Finding visual voice

Week 5:  Project 2: 
  Photoshoot: High Key/Low Key/Full Tone Go out into the world and 
Expressive portrait, macro abstraction shoot your project 
& Still life

Tonal Range, Clarity, Color Vibrancy , Tonal Curve 

Week 6: 
  Lightroom:  Project 2: DUE
Review, Dodge and Burn, Selective Adjustments  Final edits in Lightroom
Submit best for each topic
Process blog

    Project 3: Exploring Perspective
Detailed plans
Experiment with ideas 

Week 7: 
  Photoshoot: Portraits Project 3
Backgrounds, Expression, Lighting  Go out into the world, shoot
your photographs!
Retouching portraits, Vignettes, Individual Colors 

Week 8: 
Project 3: DUE

   Pinhole:  Turn in 5 best photographs Final LR edits
Print the series
   Photoshoot:  Photographing Light Process Blog