Creative Art Drawing
Pen and Ink drawing by AJ Arroyo Scholastic Silver Key recipient 2016

Drawing Course Outline:

This class builds on skills of observation to develop drawing strategies that are conducive to accurately interpreting what is being observed into a 2D drawing.  Weekly warmups are assigned to practice and develop skills.  Studio based project are sequential and build upon skills as students develop and refine their technical ability.

Week 1
Warmups: Habits of Drawing Project 1 Planning: 

Drawing Tip 1: Relax Line Variation

Drawing Tip 2: See Shapes Value/depth through line

Drawing Tip 3: Describe Shapes Project Options:

Drawing Tip 4: Shadow and Reflection Zentangle

Drawing Tip 5: Connect the Dots Pattern Portrait

Drawing Tip 6: Visual Measuring  Texture landscape/collage

Week 2
Warmups: Habits of Drawing  Project 1

Drawing Tip 7: Draw Blind Studio Work Time
Drawing Tip 8: Gesture Draw

Week 3
Warmups: Habits of Drawing Project 1  DUE

Drawing Tip 9: Use Refining Lines       P1 Process Blog
Drawing Tip 10: Observe Value 
Project 2 Planning 
 Color and Optical Blending Techniques                                                                                   
    Practice Color Techniques 
Oil Pastel vs. Chalk
Color Pencil

Week 4
Warm ups: 

Getting to Know the Drawing Tools Project 2
Draw Forms Studio Work Time
    Practice Gradation
    Observe shadow and light (light source)

Week 5

Rendering Value From Observation  Project 2 DUE
    Draw crumpled paper: Graphite  P2 Process Blog

    Draw Draped Cloth: Charcoal
‚Äč    Glass/Metal: 
Erased composition 

Week 6
Warmups:  Project 3
Set up a still  life,  Project Options: Charcoal or graphite
practice compositional arrangement.  Still life
Practice designing a cubistic composition. Fractured plane
Practice observational drawing Nonsensical Scenes

Weeks 7-9
Warmups Project 3 Due Week 9
P 3 Process Blog
Draw from imagination,
articulate artistic voice through composition, 
technique and subject.