HS Audio/Visual Production

Course Description:  With this explosion of increased interest in the world of viral videos, documentary and commercial filmmaking, more and more aspiring filmmakers are looking to find the best course that will prepare them for these ever-expanding fields. In this Audio/Visual Production course, students will be involved in all stages of the production process from research and development of strategies, scripts and storyboards, to production and post-production of completed projects. This course will provide vital tools in the development and production of multimedia messages, and is an opportunity to learn the specialized details of what goes into producing commercial messages, viral videos, and documentaries. The goals are to become better filmmakers, digital storytellers, and more knowledgeable and critical viewers by providing valuable, real-world-style opportunities. Following production and post-production of each project, students screen their work with their classmates and instructor and engage in critiques and discussion. To complement the process, we will critically analyze a variety of multimedia messages.