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JK Gregory- 7/8 grade PE/Health, Communications, Martial Arts

Hi! I'm JK Gregory and I teach middle school PE and Health at J.A.  My goal for my PE courses is to make sure that PE and Health education is both enjoyable and influential. My goal for my students is to ensure they develop healthy habits that they will be able to maintain throughout their entire lives. It is my hope that along their lifelong fitness journey my students will be able to gently impress upon their loved ones and others around them the importance of high fitness and health standards.

Communication Skills
This course helps develop, through study and practice, many habits of mind and heart. We will engage in a review of the research findings in interpersonal communication, a subject which crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries as it synthesizes findings in psychology, sociology, biology, and communication. My goal for this course is to explore and incorporate diverse cultural perspectives into our discussion of interpersonal communication. We will attempt to improve our understanding of cultural influences on how we communicate and how we interpret the communication of others. This is a course that always makes me feel like I am learning along with the students as we explore relationships and communication habits with each unique group of students!
Martial Arts
My martial arts class is a great environment for learning the importance of perseverance and excellence. Many martial artists call their training a "way of life". It permeates a person's life and creates solid relationships and a sense of justice and respect. During this course students will have access to guest professionals who are actively practicing and teaching martial arts and are highly respected in this field. I am happy be able to expose the students to these professionals and provide them with superior instruction. My goal for the students in this course is to give them some self defense strategies, and to build their focusing, listening, self-discipline, responsibility, balance, posture, coordination, respect and confidence.

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Office hours: 7:50am- 8:15am & 3:25pm-4:00pm

Middle School PE/Health Syllabus

Communication Skills Syllabus

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