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Bio:  Mary Ferbrache received her bachelors in Mathematics at Metropolitan State University.  She received her Masters of Science in Curriculum and Instruction along with graduate level math courses which allows her to teach concurrent enrollment courses in mathematics.  She is also the sponsor of Student Government. She has been teaching at Jefferson Academy High School since the 2009 - 2010 school year.  She was born in Connecticut but has lived in Colorado since she was a small child.  She has two sons Greg and Brady. 

Ferb and her family.
Contact information:  Mrs. Ferbrache
[email protected]

Courses Taught:

Leadership (Zero Hour)

7th Grade Math

Algebra III

Precalculus (non-concurrent enrollment)

College Algebra (MAT 121)

Precalculus (MAT 166)

Calculus I (MAT 201)