Social Studies
The Jefferson Academy Social Studies curriculum is designed to expand student knowledge, interaction, and understanding of the various social studies as well as to hone many skills that will be useful for students as they progress into their postgraduate careers. Those skills include formulating and defending social, historical and economic arguments, writing various forms of essays, debating, public speaking, and current event analysis.  It is our hope that students are able to view the world through different historical lenses with an emphasis on the appreciation of art, context for the modern world, tolerance and reason, and a unique knowledge of both the greatness of the American system and the influences that brought her to the precipice of power.  Join us as we tackle history, geography, civics and economics in a fun, lighthearted and interactive way with knowledgeable and seasoned professionals. 
il Duomo  
Suffragettes2018 Group picture in Paris    School of AthensTruta and Clark as Czar Nicholas II and Rasputinstudent travel dishes

Piazza NavonaStudent created viking shipHagia SophiaLincoln Memorial1960's style poster artStudent art sample

Mr. Ketcham's class fighting Trench Warfare in WWI

Classes Offered
US History
World History
Western Civilizations
AP European History
US Government
History of Sports
World Revolutions
20th Century American history and Civics
Broadcast Journalism

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 Mr. Clark  Mr. Ketcham  Mr. Page  Mr. Thimsen  Mr. Truta