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Current students and families should check their CANVAS class for announcements and performance information. 

1. Expression of Music - The expression of music is the process of practice, refinement, and performance of acquired musical knowledge and skills to communicate a range of thoughts and emotions.
2. Creation of Music - The creation of music is the demonstration of learned skills in the composition, improvisation, and arranging of music.
3. Theory of Music - The theory of music is the understanding of the distinctive language, conventions, mechanics, and structure of organized sound. Investigation of music theory allows for a more complete understanding of all aspects of the musical process.
4. Aesthetic Valuation of Music - The aesthetic valuation of music focuses on the knowledge and perspectives needed to make informed evaluations and critiques of music. It also addresses the historical, cultural, and societal contexts which are often the beauty, heart, and soul of music.

Students are required to have an instrument in good working order, all instrument cleaning supplies, all instrument supplies such as reeds, mouthpieces, etc., for this class, all of your music and a pencil. Your local music store should have all of these materials for sale and / or rent.

Book required: This year we will start with Sound Innovations for Concert Band Book 2
Published by Alfred. Additional music and exercises will be provided during the semester.

Students are expected to arrive to class each day prepared and on time. Please allow time for the health check, set up time, and warm up. Classroom management/discipline will follow the procedures below. Please refer to the student handbook for school wide rules.
1. Verbal or visual redirect
2. Private Conversation with teacher with agreement on behavior modification/Parent contact
3. Removal from class, parent contact, and/or office referral

Respect Each Other –
1. Respect our time. Arrive early to be on time and ready to play no later than 7:35 am.
2. Be present with our class. Listen, learn, and enjoy our journey. No phones, earbuds, or devices without prior approval from Ms. Keedy.
3. Be kind. We are so fortunate to get to have students in each of the grade levels in our one class. Please be kind to all within our band family both inside and outside of class.

Respect the Space and Equipment –
1. Leave it better than you came in. Another class is in the auditorium right after our rehearsal and we need to make the room ready for them too!
2. NO gum, candy, food, coffee, soda, etc in the auditorium or band room.
3. Our equipment is expensive. You may not touch band instruments that are not yours. If you are using a school instrument – you break it, you repair it. This includes percussion equipment.

Grading Guidelines –
1. Daily grade – 50% (meeting all expectations above, being an active participant in rehearsals)
2. Classwork and homework – 20% - all items that are written work including reflections and self-evaluations
3. Quizzes, Tests, Concerts - 30% - MANDATORY. In case of illness of family emergency, written
communication from a parent/guardian is required.

Performances are the one activity in which students are graded on showing up on time, behavior, dress, and all other taught concert expectations.

Concert dress will be graded. Typically concerts (as opposed to other outside performances) will be all black – shirt, shoes, socks, pants, and skirts. Specific dress expectations for each concert will be discussed in class. T-Shirts, sneakers, shirts without buttons (some exceptions for girls), and jeans are just a few examples of clothing that is not considered dress clothes. School dress code applies. If your dress or skirt does not easily cover your knees when seated you should plan to wear leggings under them. All clothing must be comfortable to perform in and not hinder your musical performance in any way. Shirts are to be tucked in and belts are encouraged but not required. Take care of purchasing any clothing you may need before our first concert.

Students are required to be at the entire concert and to arrive early if required for setup and / or rehearsal. After the concert, students are needed to tear down equipment and reset the space. Students are graded on participating in any required setup and teardown. Check with Ms. Keedy before each concert for these expectations as they change depending on the event. To succeed we must work as a team with everyone pulling their weight.

Students are expected to practice outside of class to improve their skills. Typically, at least 20 minutes 3-4 times per week is the minimum.

Instruments may be stored in room A129 during the day. JA is not responsible for lost or stolen instruments.

This syllabus, concert dates, and other band information will be available online and may be revised as the year progresses.
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