Greetings,  I am Thom Polizos.  This is my first year with Jefferson Academy and I will be teaching Grade 11 Western Civilization, Grade 12 Geography and Economics along with Grade 10 US History.
I earned my BA in Political Science and History from Rutgers University and my M.Ed in Secondary Education.
I have been an educator for nearly two decades.  Aside from teaching in CO, I have taught in college preparatory private schools in the Asia, Africa and Europe. 

Outside of school, I enjoy spending time on mountains, rivers and listening to podcasts.

Lastly, I recommend everyone reads the Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way Paperback by Amanda Ripley.

Mr Polizos Spring 2020  class schedule (Room 240):
A Block (8:20 - 9:50)      Geography
B Block (9:55 -11:25)     Planning Period 
C Block (12:10 -1:40)     US History [room 256]
D Block (1:45 -  3:15)     Western Civilization 

Western Civilization Syllabus
Geography Syllabus
Personal Finance Syllabus

Office Hours:
3:15 - 4:00pm (Access hour) - Email or speak to me for an appointment

On the calendar for each class, you will find a list of due dates and information on the topics for each class period. For individual assignments and nightly homework due dates, use Google Classroom. Please refer to the syllabus for your class to find the Google Classroom join code.  If you have questions or trouble, please don't hesitate to email me tpolizos@jajags.com.