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Course Description

We will begin this year with a reminder on the fundamentals of dimensional analysis and the basics regarding the periodic table.  Upon completion of our review we will explore the atom and bonding.  The interconnectivity of the atoms leads us into understanding how to name different chemical compounds.  Once we can identify a substance we can then explore how different things react with each other and produce new products.  Lastly, we will apply your knowledge of algebra and unit conversion.  This course will help students meet the Colorado State Standards by specifically addressing the 9-12 benchmarks given for Science Standards 1,2,4,and 5.


Attendance must occur during your scheduled block period.  This is true if you are in-person learning or if you are remote learning.  If you are in-person learning, then you must be physically present during your scheduled block.   If you are learning remote, then you must attend by entering into a zoom meeting, or answering google form questions, or communicating with Mr. B via chat, or communicating via email during the scheduled block time.