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Mr. Whalen has been a proud member of the Jefferson Academy Family since 2013. He is originally from New Orleans but has also lived in Houston, New Jersey, Illinois, and The Netherlands. His undergraduate degrees are in chemistry and physics from Rutgers University with a minor in Mathematics. Mr. Whalen has a Masters degree is in biology from the University of Illinois as well as considerable graduate-level studies in educational psychology, research psychology and neuroscience. He been involved in math and science education in some way, shape or form since 1999. Mr. Whalen's teaching experience includes pre-K through graduate school. His roles in education have included classroom teacher, university tutor, Liberty Science Center intern, Director of Education for the Orpheum Children's Science Museum, National Science Foundation GK12 fellow and program coordinator, and Brain Awareness Week Graduate Coordinator. Mr. Whalen hopes to continue his career in education indefinitely.

Contact: cwhalen@jajags.com

Office hours:
Before School:  M-F  7:45-8:15
After School:    M-Th  3:25-4:00

   Math 7
   Math 7/8
   A.P. Physics
   Frontiers of Science & Imagination

Course Outline:
   Math 7
   Math 7/8
Assignments, problems set, and other materials can be found on the class' Google Classroom. The codes for these can be found in students' email account. 

* The assessment calendar linked to this website is subject to change. Up to date happenings in class, can be found on the Homework Assignments F18 document on the Google Classroom.