The Jefferson Academy Math curriculum is designed to develop students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers, to be able to analyze real-world scenarios, and effectively communicate findings. 

Use the links(teacher name) below for specific teacher information and websites.

Teacher Subjects Taught  Clubs Sponsored/Sports
Mrs. Pell 7th Grade Math
Mr. Whalen

7th Grade Math
7/8 Grade Math
AP Physics
Chess Club
Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)
RC Club

Mr. Kain

8th Grade Math
Algebra I
Mr. Proctor

8th Grade Math
Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer 
Mrs. Thacker

Year Long Algebra I
Algebra I
Algebra II
Mr. Zimmer Algebra II
Mrs. Ferbrache

8th Grade Math
AP Calculus/Calculus I
Introductory Statistics
Student Government
Math/Science Club 

Savvas Realize Textbooks
Savvas Realize - JH and HS Math
Savvas Realize is the foundational math program used at Jefferson Academy.  The program supports all junior-high level courses.  In high school, it is used for Algebra I & II and Geometry.  The math department chose this curriculum due to the supports it provides for students.  There are online videos, tutorials, and leveled math practice which allows teachers to accommodate students regardless of their level of proficiency.  The online math practice provides students with the ability to pick the level of support they need.  They can see a worked out problem, have the system check their work as they step through the problem, or see an instructional video. 

Upper-Level Mathematics

Precalculus Textbooks
The Precalculus course includes trigonometry content.  Students who Precalculus can take this course can choose concurrent enrollment, which allows them to earn college math credits while in high school. 

Calculus Textbook
AP Calculus AB/Calculus I
Calculus provides various options for students to earn college credit.  The content covered in this course includes all topics that are included in a college-level first-year Calculus course in addition to all AP curriculum. They can earn credit by taking the Advanced Placement test for Calculus AB.  Students must earn a score of 3 or above to earn college credit. Students can take the course through concurrent enrollment to earn college math credits. 

Statistics Textbook
Introductory Statistics
This is a senior-level course and students have the choice to take this course through concurrent enrollment to earn college math credits.

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