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Literature & Film

About: Everyone has walked out of a theater, exclaiming, "The book was better!" This course seeks to understand why. Why, if society so universally agrees about book-to-movie adaptations, do directors continue to make these attempts? We will read books, watch related movies and evaluate the directors' choices and authors' intent. Students will have an opportunity to try their hand at scripting scenes from in-class books as well as evaluating and discussing the way society consumes information and stories. Students who complete this course will be able to analyze Literature and pop-culture phenomenons, as well as our need for stories in all forms. Meets: Quarters 1 & 3 (See below for updates on Assignments)  Shakespeare book with movie clapper
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People debating with rainbow mind gears
About: A lot of people know how to argue (we've all started avoiding Internet comments sections, haven't we?), but not everyone knows how to debate. We will have multiple practice debates, talk about a proper clash of ideas, good sources, keeping remarks on-topic, and using effective body language to maximize the point we are making. Debaters will be able to take on multiple roles within the debae and learn the value of team work. We will also complete a solo extemporaneous speech to showcase all we have learned at the end of the quarter.

Meets: Quarters 2 & 4