Visual Arts III

All warm ups, project outlines/due dates, and self assessments will be assigned via google classroom. To find out more, please visit classroom assigned to your student.

picture of man playing instrument made out of wire and bolts

W E E K 
O V E R V I E W 
 1 W a r m  U p
Play Doh Sculptures
How to Draw Sketches

-Art History Sculpture Challenge
-Sculpture Vocab
-Course Outline
-Project Choices
-Pro. 1 Sketches
 2  W a r m  U p

-Project Assessments
-Pro. 1 Sketches
-Begin Pro.1

 3   W a r m  U p

-Pro. 1 Work Week
-Pro. 2 Media Choices

 4  W a r m  U p

-Finish Pro. 1 & Assessment
-Pro. 2 Sketches
- Begin Pro. 2 
 5  W a r m  U p

 -Intro Ceramics/Experiment
-Start Pro. 2
-Pro. 3 Media Choices
 6 W a r m  U p

-Finish Pro. 2 Work Week 

 7 W a r m  U p

-Pro. 3 Sketches
- Begin Pro. 3 
 8 W a r m  U p

-Pro. 3 Work Week

final week
W a r m  U p

-Finish Pro. 3 & Final Assessment
- Final 
-Class Survey