High School Profile

J.A. Secondary is a Choice Enrollment school with student priority placement listed below (per J.A. Board Policy 8.1).

Students are accepted on a space available basis and must meet the minimum expectations of a successful student.

Successful Students at Jefferson Academy

  • Demonstrate a high level of character
  • Perform academically at grade level and/or higher
  • Are highly motivated to achieve
  • Take pride in meeting deadlines
  • Enjoy a school where they can stand out
  • Communicate their needs to their teachers
  • Plan on graduating from college
  • Study for their tests
  • Complete their homework every day
  • Are involved in activities/athletics
  • Love being challenged

ALL families who wish to enroll their child(ren) in Jefferson Academy Secondary MUST either re-sign their child at JA (current 6th and 8th grade students & grandfathered wait lists) or fill out a Choice Enrollment Application for each child during the First Round Choice Enrollment window set by the Jefferson County District.

A parent of a current 6th grade or 8th grade student MUST stop by the office any day during the first round window and re-sign your child(ren). If you do not re-sign your student during this time period, your student will be dropped from the wait list and will have to participate in choice enrollment should they wish to return as a student for the next school year. Jefferson Academy is not responsible to remind parents of the re-sign time or its requirements.


For attendance during the school year beginning August 2019

Jeffco is implementing a new enrollment system to be used by all Jeffco schools for the 2019-20 school year - EnrollJeffco

EnrollJeffco includes two new tools:

  • School Finder
    • A one-stop shop for families to compare their student’s District-assigned school to other Jeffco schools.
    • Families will be able to search for Jeffco schools by school name, home address, and/or a guided search to match the needs of their student to specific schools.
    • Families will see a comprehensive profile of every Jeffco school including programs available, location, bell times, grade levels, before/after school care, etc.
    • School Finder will be accessed through the Jeffco public website, through schools’ websites, or directly via the web.
    • School Finder will be rolled out in early December 2018.
  • Application and Enrollment System
    • Families will use this new system to apply and enroll in all Jeffco schools.
      • Families will use the system to confirm that their student will return to their current school in the 2019-20 school year.
      • Families may use the system to submit choice enrollment applications and receive notifications online through this system.
    • School level, paper-based choice enrollment processes at schools will be replaced by this online system.
    • The current enrollment policies will be implemented systemically and consistently through this system.
    • The Application/Enrollment System will be rolled out in January 2019.

Why is Jeffco implementing EnrollJeffco?

  • EnrollJeffco will provide a more equitable enrollment process for all Jeffco students.
    • The school selection, application, and enrollment processes will be more efficient and consistent across the District.
    • Families can more easily navigate the enrollment process, including choice enrollment, thus reducing frustration and confusion.

What will be different for families:

  • Enrollment for all Jeffco schools will be done online.
  • To access the application and enrollment system, families must have an account in Jeffco Connect.
  • The system will generate notifications from all Jeffco schools and families will receive them on the same day.
    • Families can specify how they wish to be notified – email and/or text.
    • Notifications from choice enrolled schools include invitations to enroll and waitlist notices.
  • Families may only accept one enrollment offer at a time.
  • Once an offer is accepted, all other offers will be declined, and the student is removed from schools’ enrollment lists.
  • Students will remain on waitlists of the schools that did not send families offers to enroll.
  • When a student moves to the top of the waitlist, families will receive an offer from that school if space is available.

What will be different for schools:

  • Through the Application and Enrollment System, schools will obtain an accurate count of students who have committed to attending their school.
    • Schools will have more accurate enrollment numbers with which to develop budgets.
  • The system will generate lists for schools to view all students who have enrolled and will identify the status of students who have choice enrolled – invited, accepted, declined, and waitlisted.
  • The determination of the number of choice enrollment students to accept is still a site-based decision.
  • Schools will no longer:
    • Distribute and collect choice enrollment paper applications; or
    • Run a lottery.
  • Through the system, schools can manage and customize the notifications sent to families.
  • Schools can continue to promote their schools in the same ways that they are doing currently.

J.A. student priority placement is:

1. Current J.A. students (current 6th and 8th grade parents, if you do not re-sign your child they will be removed from the list) and staff children.

2. Siblings (lottery if necessary)

Sibling priority will be given to a prospective student if they have a currently enrolled sibling at Jefferson Academy that intends to return the following school year. Any student who receives an enrollment spot because of sibling priority will have their spot rescinded should the currently enrolled “sibling” withdraw or transfer prior to the start of the following school year.

3. Grandfathered wait list (if any) and qualifying siblings of students admitted during this process. If you do not re-sign your child they will be removed from the list.

4. Choice enrollment, first round in-county (lottery) and qualifying siblings of students admitted during this process.

5. Choice enrollment, first round out-of-county (lottery) and qualifying siblings of students admitted during this process.

6. Choice enrollment, second round in-county (first come, first served) and qualifying siblings of students added to the wait lists during this process.

7. Choice enrollment, second round out-of-county (first come, first served) and qualifying siblings of students added to the wait lists during this process.

Students who are enrolled after June 1st are not guaranteed a seat in honors English, Social Studies, Science or Math. Should a student wish to be considered, teacher recommendation forms and/or testing must be completed.

Please note that transportation is NOT provided for students at J.A., and that a change of schools may affect athletic eligibility.


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